Request for proposal

Request for proposal

Proposal for providing training services

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Proposal due date June 10th 2010


University of Phoenix invites bids from qualified vendors to train its staff on Microsoft Office© programs. The expected term of the contract will be twelve months.


University is moving its office applications from IBM Symphony and Lotus Notes to Microsoft Office. The proposed migration would be completed by the first quarter of 2011. To ensure a seamless transition to new system, University seeks the service of qualified vendors. These vendors will train the university staff on the MS Office software. The university has already procured the licenses for the software. The total number of employees who will be trained is 400. The training has to be done in batches of 20 employees per batch. The university has its training facilities and intends to use the same for this training. The contract will be a fixed price contract valid for twelve months.


1.      The Pre bid conference will be held on June 2nd 2010.The bidders who cannot make it to the conference are welcome to mail there questions to the procurement department [email protected] latest by 5:00P.M., local time, on June 1st 2010.

The responses to all the questions will be posted on the university’s website on June 4th 2010.

2.      All the responses must reach the university latest by 11AM on June 10th 2010. This is also the designated time for opening of the bids. The bids can be mailed to:

Procurement Department

University of Phoenix

4615 E. Elwood St.
Phoenix, AZ 85040

The university will not be responsible for any postal delays in the submittal of the bids.

3.      Bids must be submitted in two binders. Binder 1 should be the technical bids and binder 2 should be the financial bids.

4.      Bids must be in 3 copies and should be titled “MS-Office training Service”. Bids in E-mail and Fax will not be accepted.

5.      The University will not bear any cost incurred by vendors in preparing for the bids.

6.      All proposals shall be valid for 90 days

7.      The University encourages all business including M/WB to respond.

8.      The selected bidder is expected to shall purchase and maintain insurance as required by the law.

9.      The bidders may not submit more than one bid.

10.  For more details please contact:

Jacob King

4615 E. Elwood St
Phoenix, AZ 85040



Pre Bid conference
June 2nd 2010
Responses posted on website
June 4th 2010
Responses due on
June 10th 2010
Vendor short listing
June 25th 2010
Final Contract negotiations
July 9th 2010
Contract Award
July 20th 2010
Training start date
August 1st 2010


Responses shall consist of the following sections:

1.      Forwarding Letter: A brief letter giving an introduction of the firm, contact details and brief background.

2.      Executive Summary: Brief overview of the proposal

3.      Company Information: This section will include the overview of the company and a statement of its financial stability.

4.      Capability: This section will indicate the capability of the firm to meet the needs of the university.

5.      Instructor’s Profile: Pease provide the profile of the instructor who will provide training. It is expected that the profiles mentioned in the proposal will provide the training.

6.      Experience and References: A statement on firms experience in providing other organization’s with similar trainings and references from these firms.

7.      Sample of Student Workbooks


The bidders will be evaluated on the following criteria:

·         Technical Proposals:   70 points

·         Financial Proposal:     30 points

Financial Bids will be opened only for the bidders who score over 50 points in the technical bids.

The evaluation criteria will be as follows:

Company’s background and financial stability
Company’s capability and qualification in providing training of similar size
Training faculty’s profile
Once the vendors have been shortlisted the top three bidders will be called to make the best and final offer.

Canvassing in any form may lead to the disqualification of the bidder.


The university reserves the right to reject, without prejudice, any or all proposals or any part of the proposal.

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