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Resources Available Through Independence University

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Resources available to me through Independence University There are a lot of resources that I found to be helpful to me on the Independence website that will help me along my journey towards earning my degree. I like he fact that the site is so well developed and everything is right at my fingertips the information is very informative. Being able to use the online library and the online tutoring will be very useful and helpful to me during my educational experience as well as all of the other important tools provided.

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Resources Available Through Independence University
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Some other resources offered through independence university is the syllabus which is very important part of the resources provided ,the syllabus lets us know who my instructor is tells me about the text and material description of the course and where to find other resources . Another one of my favorite resources is SHARE which consist of the tutoring center, library resources video and webzines career services with catalogs and handbooks on how to contact the staff.

I can use these resources by using them every chance that I get I am going to take full advantage of the resources given to me and take notes on everything and study as often as I can. Some resources on websites can also be helpful to my educational experience I have found that applying for scholarships online can help out financially going to the local library they have computers and books that you can use local schools and also your job can be another resource they will sometimes ay for you to go to school while you work .

You can volunteer at a college and in turn get knowledge for your time you can surf the web for No loan colleges and free tuition for low income students and download free classes from top universities. There is just so many ways to help with education and if we don’t succeed it is because we don’t want to or we are not seeking our full potential. References www. Modularly. Com/education-without-paying-full-price www. Soap. Org NNW. Independence. Due

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Resources Available Through Independence University. (2018, May 14). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/resources-available-through-independence-university/

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