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My Personal Health Promotion Goal During this semester, my goal would be to improve my physical health - Results By the end introduction. After coming to Canada, my health has started to degrade slowly. Probably, it must be because of the change in environment and food habits. I just want to achieve the same sound health which I used to have back home, in India. I’m choosing this goal because can’t cope with all the responsibilities of study and work with a poor health. In addition to that, I’m sure not to survive in this harsh climate without a sound physical health.

I’m not used to such cold winters, so it will take mime for me to adapt to it. And even personally, it is a sort of my hobby to stay fit all the time, and if I fail to do that, my whole mind setup gets upset. I face a lot problem in concentrating on the work in hand. Regarding being an ACE, this goal will be extremely important. First of all, as I will be working with children, would be a good role model for them if I had a healthy physique. Secondly, I will be spreading awareness among parents regarding good health, so it would put more good impression on them if I myself had a sound health.

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In addition o that, I will be vulnerable to a lot of communicable disease while working with kids. Having a great immunity could help me escape from all those diseases that I could probably get at work place. Challenges and Barriers I’m sure to face certain problems on my way to achieve this goal. In the beginning, time management would be my greatest challenge. As I have to do some sort of work along with my studies to support my financial status, don’t get enough time to eat properly or workout in a routine. Secondly, I don’t get my cultural food items here and I am not used to the food which is available here.

In addition to that, I am a pure vegetarian, but most of the food items available here contain some sort of non-vegetarian material. Thus, I have limited variety of food to eat. The other barrier is the extreme climate of this place. I just can’t go out early in the morning for jogging or running as I used to do back at my home. Just crave to get that fresh air of the early morning. Most of the food available at restaurants is junk food, and I don’t have any easier substitute. This all is like a cultural shock to me! To face the above challenges I have set some ground rules for myself.

Firstly, I will try to be very punctual with regard to my study and work. Will set my routine in such a way that get enough time for myself. I will give priority to my health overwork. Secondly, I will try to cook my food at home itself, because am sure it would be more nutritious and healthy than the food from outside. This will automatically reduce my consumption of junk food. In addition to that, I will try to get to college by foot rather than any vehicle, which will help me to maintain my health. Results By the end of the semester I am expecting to gain a healthy and fit physique as used to have earlier.

With a healthy body I am expecting a healthier mind, as it comes as a complementary gift along with a healthy body. The other thing is that would be able to inspire some kids that will be around me during my placement to stay away from unhealthy environment. In addition to that I could advise my friends or classmates or anybody who is seeking to achieve good health. Most of all, I will maintain a clean and hygienic environment around me at home, at study and at my workplace. If I followed all my rules throughout this semester, I am sure to become punctual, more responsible and a better person that I ever was.

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