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Lifestyle is international private limited company, it is a portion of the esteemed Dubai based landmark group, started their operations in India with the launch of the first Lifestyle shop in Chennai in 1999. Lifestyle has established itself amongst the taking retail companies in India. Positioned as a youthful, fashionable and a vivacious trade name, Lifestyle offers its clients non merely the easiness of shopping but besides an gratifying shopping experience. Each Lifestyle shop brings together five constructs under one roof – Apparel, Footwear, Children ‘s Wear & A ; Toys, Furniture & A ; Home Furnishings, Personal Grooming – offering a convenience of a one-stop store and a broad pick of national & A ; international trade names.

Home Centre by Lifestyle is a one halt finish for Furniture, Home Decor and Soft Furnishings that genuinely represent manner, comfort and individualism. Home Centre uses a alone ‘Concept Room ‘ show theoretical account to give clients a practical thought of how each piece of furniture would look in a peculiar room.

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In maintaining with the Group ‘s tradition of doing every shopping experience rewarding and memorable, The Inner Circle – Landmark Group ‘s Loyalty plan allows members, to bask sole benefits and privileges such as wages points and exciting offers. The Inner Circle is today recognized amongst the taking Loyalty Program in the state with an of all time increasing base of clients. The card is accepted across all Landmark Group Stores in India including Lifestyle, Home Centre by Lifestyle, Max Fashion, Splash, Bossini, SPAR Hypermarket, Polynation Food Court, Gloria Jean ‘s Coffees & A ; The Yellow Chilli concatenation of eating houses.

Lifestyle and Home Centre offer a truly international shopping experience, a fact borne by legion awards:

  1. Most Admired Large Format Fashion Retailer- Images Fashion Awards 2011
  2. Most Admired Retailer of the Year – Home & A ; Interiors Category for Home Centre by Lifestyle from Images Retail for two back-to-back old ages, 2009 & A ; 2010
  3. ‘Most Respected Company in the Retail Sector ‘ by Business World – IMRB in 2003 and 2004.
  4. ‘ICICI – KSA Technopak Award for Retail Excellence ‘ in 2005
  5. Lycra Images Fashion Awards for the ‘Most Admired Large Format Retailer of the Year ‘ in 2006.
  6. ‘Reid and Taylor ‘ Retailer of the Year award for the twelvemonth 2006
  7. Most Admired Retailer of the Year – Department Store ‘ from Images Retail in 2008

HR POLICIES & A ; Rules:

Promotion Policy & A ; Rules:

Promotion Policy and regulations are applied to employees depending upon on their ability of executing work, pull offing their accomplishments and the degree of experience.

Wage construction:

Every Job has awarded different rewards depending upon the place of the employee and the duty degrees which the employees take over. This enables the company to:

1. Supply competitory wages for each occupation taking into history market rates.

2. Reward everyone harmonizing to their part.

  1. The Salary allocated scopes depends upon the employees place type for employees executing the standard responsibilities of their occupations. Set up upper limit and lower limit degrees within those scopes to account for fluctuations in experience and accomplishment degrees. The wage defers from Store Administered employee to Head Office Administered employee. The payment of the employees is straight by the director or it is deposited into the nest eggs account which the employee holds. The Company militias the right to suspend wage where an employee fails to advise about absence from work.


  1. Lifestyle motivates their employees
  2. Lifestyle shops portion their net income with the employees and they offer broad scope of benefits to the employees which are service related.
  3. Lifestyle maintains their net income record and single employee record do it available to employee whenever they want it to see.
  4. Lifestyle offers healthcare options to their employees based on private wellness insurance or tip strategy
  5. Performance assessment is applied in life style after completion of first 90days of employment.
  6. Lifestyle offers travel disbursals to their employees within the metropolis.
  7. They are awarded and rewarded for their work by their rankings based on their public presentation.
  8. Lifestyle supplying general and common national vacations for their employees it is non giving normal Sundays and Saturdays to their employees.
  9. Customer grudge is reported to the directors in life style.
  10. Discipline in life style is highly good like restricted to smoke or imbibing on the occupation and avoiding nomadic phones.
  11. First assistance class is given to all employees in instance of any hurt or accidents.
  12. To actuate the employees complimentary vouchers are given in progress harmonizing to their handiness.
  13. Employees feel it like lifestyle household it is shown by individualized badges.
  14. Employees are trained at different degrees from clip to clip and they besides taught to cover with safety jobs like accidents, armed robbery and bomb menace.
  15. lifestyle teaches its employees to be patient, enthusiastic, cheerful and gracious to its colleagues, helpful, polite and gracious to all frequenters.
  16. Well kept suites are given to their employees.
  17. Nature of all employees in life style is really cheerful, informed, really friendly, comforting and dependable.


  1. Lifestyle chiefly focused on employee developing plan they develop employee accomplishments by progress engineering of e-learning system that is helpful to develop employee accomplishments. Lifestyle ever thinks that human resource is the built-in portion of its mission. Lifestyle preparation program is based upon placing the specific standards set for each place in the company. Its chief aim is that developing to their employees should supply life style with Professional staff and skilled workers. Harmonizing to the lifestyle preparation policy all the staff members are financially supported by company to take the professional preparation plans.
  2. Performance assessment is applied in life style after completion of first 90days of employment. Line directors review public presentation continually in order to measure how a peculiar employee is making. It helps employee in measuring themselves and look for farther development.


  1. In the preparation foremost aid class is given to all employees in instance of any hurt or accident
  2. Health look into up and wellness strategy or organized in lifestyle itself to its employees.
  3. Safety steps like fire dismaies and fire asphyxiator has been taken.
  4. Well developing on the client counsel


Lifestyle as supra mentioned it has about 30,000 employees who are working under different functions depending upon their makings. This means there is diverseness in the Company distribution of work burden as per the makings of the individuals using in. There are three degrees of Jobs in any company viz. Entry Level, Middle Level, Senior Level. These degrees have their ain Job description, Job Specification and the Recruitment and Selection process etc these are briefly discussed below


  1. There should be Effective Recruitments and Time Bound at Regional Level.
  2. There should be duty for the end-to-end Human Resource Operations and they should guarantee that there is complete attachment of HR procedure.
  3. They should be responsible for implementing the statutory conformities.
  4. Planning, pull offing abrasion, implementing effect direction and new construction axial rotation out.
  5. There should be 100 % norms and timeline along with execution of HR policies and processs.
  6. They should be really responsible for operation activities like monthly studies, Leave Management System, abrasion analysis, separation, HRMIS and reassign in and out instances.
  7. Standardized & A ; processes & A ; sustainable systems
  8. Process perspective-build & A ; implement scalable.
  9. Overview of seasonably salary inputs and besides ensures that salary related issues like pending reimbursements or flexible constituents are closed in clip.
  10. As a portion of one-year assessment procedure there should be execution of I incremental proposals, terminal to stop assessment system for the several parts.
  11. They should be responsible for paysheet direction system and HR operation procedure system.
  12. There should be forbearance to manage the clients.
  13. They should be responsible for implementing statutory conformities.


  1. There should be people direction accomplishments and there should be high degree interpersonal accomplishments.
  2. There should be good cognition of the statutory conformities.
  3. There should be act uponing accomplishments, guidance and coaction.
  4. There should be good communicating accomplishments.
  5. There should be first-class presentation accomplishments.
  6. The campaigner should be proficient in MS Excel and numerically inclined.
  7. The campaigner should hold good job work outing accomplishments.
  8. They should be high on unity.
  9. They should be good organized, able to work independently, elaborate and punctilious to run into the deadlines.


  1. The employee should hold communicating accomplishment in three regional linguistic communications.
  2. For Manager Compliance the work experience should be 6 to 9 old ages, educational making should be Post Graduate – Master in business in HR/Industrial Relations, Industry type is media or amusement or dotcom, his or her function is HR director, functional country is HR or Administration or IR.
  3. For ESP ( Enterprise Security Platform ) should hold 0 to 1 twelvemonth experience, instruction making should be 10 to 10+2, age should be 18 to 23 old ages, industry type is media or amusement or dotcom, there should be good communicating accomplishments.
  4. At all degrees it checks the communicating accomplishments of employee.
  5. Normal staff that who collect money and give measure to its clients should hold work experience of approximately 0 to 1 twelvemonth and he or she should hold computing machine accomplishments and perfect in utilizing MS Excel, there should be good communicating accomplishments and should be client friendly.
  6. Staffing process in life style is from higher degree to take down degree that is from Manager, HR director, Administrator, ESP, Normal staff, Janitors and security guards.
  7. There will be three degrees of interview to employees that is look intoing the communicating accomplishments, client relationship and employee dealingss, earnestness in the work.


Entry degree:

the entry degree occupations at life style are supply concatenation direction, stock and others.

Job description:

The intent of occupation is receives, shops and stock stuffs, equipment, supplies or ware. Compiles stock records. Requisitions standard points to refill stock. Incumbents typically work in the university bookshop or similar retail operations

Job specification:

  1. Knowledge of cataloging and stock list techniques.
  2. Knowledge of transportation and receiving patterns.
  3. Skill in basic arithmetic.
  4. Ability to efficaciously pass on.

Detailed enlisting and staffing:

  1. Counts, kinds and cheques in incoming articles, verifies against requisitions, transporting notices or bills, topographic points articles on gross revenues floor shelves or in storage room.
  2. Replenishes wares on shelves from storage room stock, rotates ware and keeps it orderly and orderly in visual aspect.
  3. Checks stock list sporadically to find reordering demands and verify with records, requisitions criterions stock points, supplies or stuffs within established bounds, notifies designation staff of fast traveling points.
  4. Contact sellers to obtain information sing transportation position of orders or particular orders placed by sections
  5. Topographic points or alterations monetary value tickets on ware, topographic points tags, markers or labels on shelves to place stock.
  6. Battalions and ships bundles harmonizing to direction utilizing boxes, packing stuffs and sealing tape.
  7. Records or paperss alterations in stock list, mark-ups or mark-downs of wares harmonizing to established processs.
  8. Gathers requisition supplies, ware or stuffs and prepares for bringing or pick-up.
  9. Assists clients or others in turn uping needful ware, stuffs or supplies.
  10. Trains and assists part-time or pupil aid.

In-between degree:

The in-between degree occupation is of a shop director who is supposed to be responsible for both the operation of the house in keeping the shop and the direction of the entry degree people.

Job description:

Retail directors are responsible for running shops or sections to run into company ‘s marks and policies. The purpose of any retail director is to maximise net income and minimise costs. Retail directors guarantee publicities are accurate and ware to the company ‘s criterions, staff are to the full versed on the mark for the twenty-four hours and first-class client attention criterions are met.

Job specification:

  1. Excellent communicating is required.
  2. Knowledge of concern procedures & A ; their mutualities.
  3. Ability to give short-run solutions to concern job from a concern continuity point of position.
  4. Develop study and reexamine on all the operations which are taking topographic point under his control.
  5. Ability to develop long term solutions for concern jobs with a position on reverberations on the whole concern.
  6. Leadership accomplishments required.
  7. An experience of minimal 5+ old ages is required
  8. Detailed enlisting and staffing:
  9. Pull offing and actuating a squad to increase gross revenues and guarantee efficiency,
  10. Pull offing stock degrees and doing cardinal determinations about stock control.
  11. Analyzing gross revenues figures and forecasting hereafter gross revenues volumes to maximise net incomes,
  12. Analyzing and construing tendencies to ease planning.
  13. Using informational engineering to enter gross revenues figures, for informations analysis and frontward planning,
  14. Covering with staffing issues such as questioning possible staff, carry oning assessments and public presentation reappraisals, every bit good as supplying or organisation preparation and development
  15. Ensuring criterions for quality, client services and wellness and safety are met.
  16. Deciding wellness and safety, legal and securities issues.
  17. Reacting to client ailments and remarks.
  18. Promoting the organisation locally by interceding with local schools, newspapers and community in general.
  19. Forming particular publicities, shows and events.
  20. Attending and chairing meetings
  21. Updating co-workers on concern public presentation, new enterprise and other pertinent issues.
  22. Touring the gross revenues floor on a regular basis, speaking to co-workers and clients, and placing or deciding pressing issues.
  23. Keeping consciousness of market tendencies in the retail industry, understanding forthcoming client enterprise and monitoring what local rivals are making
  24. Initiate alterations to better the concern, illustration: rewriting gap hours to guarantee the shop can vie efficaciously in the local market
  25. Covering with gross revenues, as and when required.

Senior Degree:

Job description: retail operations director is another manner of depicting a gross revenues worker Supervisor. These directors perform all of the supervisory responsibilities of a director, such as enrolling preparation, measuring, allowing spells and delegating undertakings to retail workers. They besides have assorted other responsibilities, such as working the gross revenues floor when the shop has many clients.

Job specification:

Retail operations directors normally need high school sheepskin and are frequently promoted to the place of operations director after several old ages of experience nd a demonstrated aptitude for leading. Some retail operations directors transfer to different shops outside of their company to happen better work.

Detailed enlisting and staffing:

  1. The work that the operations manger oversees can change depending on the shop.
  2. The director want to concentrate on the client services, stock list, shop cleanliness, shop shows, merchandise stocking, client ailments and returns.
  3. The retail operations director is besides responsible for tracking the advancement of the shop to find if the shop is run intoing gross ends. The retail operations director must do certain that costs are minimized and besides that stock list is ever available so there are ne’er deficits. Shops that are a portion of a larger company must describe all activities to upper direction.

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