Melissa Johnson Streaker – Strip Girl is Centre of Attraction

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Melissa Johnson, a 23-year-old part-time waitress at Wimbledon, admitted to streaking across Centre Court during the men’s final. She stripped off her uniform, except for her mini pinny, and ran across the court, serving up a pair of aces for the crowd. The Duke and Duchess of Kent, as well as the finalists, Richard Krajicek and Mal Washington, roared with laughter at her streak, which was Wimbledon’s first ever. Melissa said she did it for a bit of a laugh, and although her employers were unhappy, she had no regrets and enjoyed every minute of it.

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Streaker Melissa Johnson admitted last night: “I’m a naughty girl – and I’ve got a wild streak in me.”

Melissa, 23, who delayed the start of the Wimbledon men’s final with her run across the Centre Court, added: “I just said to the people I was working with, ‘I’m going to do it, I am going to get my kit off’.”  The part-time waitress at the tournament stripped off her uniform – except for her mini pinny – and served up a pair of aces for the crowd.  Tennis fans including the Duke and Duchess of Kent and finalists Richard Krajicek and Mal Washington roared with laughter at her streak – Wimbledon’s first ever.

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“But my employers were very po-faced,” said Melissa. “They demanded my pinny back immediately. I suppose that means I have got the sack.”

Melissa – nicknamed Missie – of Wandsworth, London, was in high spirits after gaining a design degree at Manchester Polytechnic.

“It was my suggestion entirely,” she said. “I did it for a bit of a laugh, although I was encouraged by all the others. I am a bit of a naughty girl and I definitely have a wild streak in me.

“I knew it had never been done before – and it had to be done, really, didn’t it?

“When the players came out I thought, ‘It’s now or never’, so I just did it. I didn’t feel embarrassed.

“I was going to wear a dress but decided to wear my pinny instead.”

As she ran, Mal Washington even pulled up his shirt to reveal his chest. Melissa headed for the Royal Box and, grinning at the bigwigs, lifted up her pinny.  Peter Goord, 57, of Plymouth, said: “She showed it all. The duke was laughing like mad.” Seconds later Melissa was arrested and spent the rest of the final at a police station before being freed before without charge.

“I hope I have brightened up a few people’s day,” she said, “I certainly have no regrets. I enjoyed every minute of it.”

Washington said: “I saw these things wobbling around and, Jeez, she smiled at me. All she had on was an apron. She lifted it up and she was still smiling at me.

“I was flustered. Three sets later, I was gone. If she’d come back, I might have had more luck.”

A pal said Melissa is a “complete nutter – a complete fruitcake, so anything was possible.

“She’s even said her mother streaked once.”

Melissa admitted her dad Mark dropped a plate of sandwiches at the news – but mum Caroline said: “Good on you darling!”

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