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The developer of Sample6 food safety software, Curran, had arranged a meeting with major food industries in the US to discuss a partnership that would lead to the roduction of safe food in the country. Additionally, the case study discusses the US food industry involving highlighting of major key trends in the food industry. Shifting of consumer tastes forms one of the strongest trends in the food industry in which consumers demand for healthier food products than the ones in the IJS markets that lead to complications like obesity and chronic disease.

Globalization, food safety and traceability also formed some ofthe topics covered under this case study. The study highlights that there are approximately four varieties of food contaminants in the US. These contaminants include chemicals, allergens, and microbiological agents (Higgins & Kester, 2013). Moreover, broadly covered in the case study are current requirements and regulations concerning food safety in the US such as prevention of food hazards, food inspection, recalls, and impacts of food recalls on the reputation of the specific food industry.

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This case study narrows on Sample6 as a new player in the food-safety diagnostics industry, and highlights the benefits that customers would gain in using its assay food safety software. Some of the identified advantages of using Sample6 food- afety analytics platform are faster testing time, four hours, no enrichment, high specificity and sensitivity, cost effectiveness, increased visibility, and brand differentiation and protection. Some of the potential customers of Sample6 food safety platform are Pacific Cheese Company, Earthbound farm, egal Sea foods, and OSI groups (Higgins & Kester, 2013). Section B 1 .

Apart from arranging for a meeting to sell Sample6’s new food-safety diagnostics platform to top food industry executives, what are some of the progresses that Sample6 has made in ensuring food safety in the US? . What challenges lay ahead for Sample6 and its new food-safety diagnostics software? 3. Current trends in the food industry markets such as technological breakthroughs, shifting customer tastes, and globalization demand that all food firms should keep improving to avoid lagging behind. Therefore, what should Sample6 do, as a new player in the food industry, to remain competitive and successful? . Several companies produce organic food products in the United States. Hence, why does Earthbound Farm qualify as a potential customer for Sample6 new food-safety diagnostics platform? 5. What guarantee is there for Curran to be sure that his meeting with top executives from various food firms would lead to the acceptance of Sample6 food-safety diagnostics platform? 6. Since Sample6 has limited resources at its disposal, is it advisTABLE for Sample6 to focus specifically on one type of the various food categories, such as diary, seafood, or fresh produce? 7.

In the case of Tim Curran, the CEO of data monitoring and synthetic biology at Sample6, apart from the top executives from various companies who attended the meeting, who are the other most vital people or organizations ho could have attended the meeting? What are the best ways in which Sample6 and its probTABLE customers could associate with these people? Section C Question 4: Several companies produce organic food products in the united States. Hence, why does Earthbound Farm qualify as a potential customer for Sample6 new food-safety diagnostics platform?

Higgins and Kester (2013) affirm that in 1 984, Earthbound Farm grew most organic produce in the United States. Earthbound Farm focuses on natural nourishments and sells frozen, dried, and fresh fruits; salads; packaged snacks; herbs; and frozen and fresh vegeTABLEs. Organic food products from Earthbound Farm are very tasty, healthy, environmental-friendly, and USDA- certified. Despite this stunning reputation, food integrity has always been a priority to Earthbound Farm brand.

Additionally, Earthbound has expressed, severally, its concerns with trending issues like irradiation of spinach and lettuce, GMOs in food products, and application of toxic pesticides in farms. Its outstanding success and customer preference made it a major supplier for most retail chains in the US. Therefore, a partnership between Sample6 and Earthbound Farm could be beneficial to both the companies. Earthbound Farm would benefit from Sample6’s new and fast food-safety diagnostics platform while Sample6 would receive a reputation if Earthbound were to endorse the food-safety diagnostics platform.

Additionally, in the meeting, Curran met with Will Daniels, top operations manager at Earthbound Farm. Daniels appreciated the several improvements of Sample6. For instance, current procedure for testing Listeria at Earthbound Farm takes 48 hours to create results. There is also an additional three to five days necessary for culture confirmation of the returned results from the system. This makes it ostly and inefficient with perishTABLE fresh products at Earthbound Farm. Therefore, Sample6 would provide a faster way of testing for Listeria at Earthbound Farm, and improve the speed at which the firm delivers its products to the customers.

Moreover, Sample6’s testing kit is rapid and simple-to-use, hence; Earthbound Farm would manage an in-house environmental testing, a factor that would multiply the process of Listeria testing. Sample6 also has a data mapping and monitoring feature that would be crucial to Earthbound Farm, especially in identifying and focusing on ‘hot spots’ in its processing surrounding (Higgins & Kester, 2013). Section D (General Thoughts) Context: The US Food Industry From the discussions above, it is evident that Sample6’s food safety assay is more reliTABLE and faster than that of other food diagnostic platforms currently in the market.

Sample6’s software and assay would definitely provide a chance for food suppliers to improve their capabilities of detecting, addressing, and averting any microbial contamination of their food products. Sample6’s food safety assay also reduces costs of production for the suppliers. Sample6 tests for microbial contamination in various food products, hence, most food industries in the US would benefit from its use. Key trends Sh ifting customer tastes: the use of Sample6 would ensure elimination of Listeria bacteria, making food products very safe for consumption.

Additionally, Sample6 would advocate for testing and elimination Of food that could cause obesity or chronic diseases. Globalization and food safety: as globalization continues to take shape with increasing worldwide demand for industrial food products, global food supply should be safe for use. Sample6’s food safety array could be useful in producing healthy food products from companies, and increasing the rate of bacterial testing for the purpose of quick delivery. Food safety in the US Prevention: the Food Safety and Modernization Act (FSMA) require obligatory scientific food controls in food industries.

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