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RFID Summary – RIFF Technology



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    Also says the REID was invented on the ass’s but it reaches a real success and implementation on the 9(Yes and how many companies like Microsoft and Oracle start investing in it. Later on the 21st century the prices of the Riffs decreased considerably allowing their implementation on a wide range of business. Wall- Mart was one of the first commerce to use the RIFF tags on their products and “forcing” their suppliers to use them as well, and from 2004 to 2007 all their suppliers were using RIFF technology.

    The investment on RIFF projects was greatly reduced due the economic recession on 2008-2009. But when the recession was “over the projects reboot and start gaining more and more success, Www D. T al list a variety of implementations, being the logistics on manufacturing the most used nowadays. However the other applications are important as well like the healthcare or the ticket industry. On of the most difficult tasks to achieve in the REID area is the creation of a standard because every country has their own.

    On the second article we explore more deeply its application on the supply chain. It says the RIFF still has a long way to go, just like the bar code did. Josh Bond described this technology as a very simple implementation, but yet sophisticated and useful. However if an industry or a person tries to solve the whole problem With RADAR it would fail; instead he tells is just a tool, Which helps improve the recollection of data in a more dynamic way.

    Some of the advantages of the RIFF versus the bar codes are the ability to track a single object in a pile of similar ones, the ability to track the object through the hole process without the help of a linear or visual line, and as Bond says, it helps to make the “last few inches”, which involve from the delivery of a product to the shelves on a store. At last the article mention that REF Ads help detect logistic problems and idle times and described some examples, such as bulk items being moved with a lot idle mimes, discovering the lifters were the problems with almost of their time staying still.

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