Riots In Los Angeles

Went on from april 29 may 4 1992 which includes 12 111 arrested and a few hundreds of deaths. after the l.a riots the outlook on police and criminal justice laws were changed but even when it was changed two decades later in 2012 there has been way more reports and denied cases still happening till this day. lawmakers over the years has failed at their job trying to apply rules and laws that they say would work but apparently, as of now none of them were not put to action. although after the situation the police brutality towards blacks kinda calms down. we wasn’t really hearing about police brutality until trayvon martin and michael brown. trayvon martin was murdered in february 26 2012 in sanford Florida. George Zimmerman an armed neighborhood watch racially profiled martin while walking in the neighborhood.

Zimmerman expected him to be robbing people’s house but it was not true. after the jury acquitted the case the black community was very pissed off and determine to get justice for trayvon martin. aslo the Ferguson case sparked the black community. Ferguson case involved 18-year old Michael brown an unarmed black teenager who was shot and killed on aug. 9 2014 by darren wilson a white police office. the shooting prompted protests that roiled the area for weeks. trayvon and the ferguson case are the main reason why the black lives matter movement started. after those two killings there has been a record of unarmed black man and woman being kill for no reason. for the past 10 years police hasn’t been using the correct and right approach when it comes to identify blacks. in today we are still trying and fighting to get justice and equal rights. in society white policemen are not owning up taking the responsible or even being punished for their criminal actions towards African American.

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One of the first things you often hear when there is an officer-involved [shooting] case is that we need the department of justice civil rights division to come in and investigate says michael benza a criminal justice professor at case western reserve university. the criminal justice professor at case western reserve michael benza say that the main reason why white policeman don’t get jail time because they say it’s never enough information or evidence to prove that they are guilty. police brutality creates the lack of trust and respect towards the police. research shows that minorities are more likely than whites to view law enforcement with suspicion and distrust. not only blacks but other minorities often report that the policeman disproportionately single them out because of their race and ethnicity. in an online article race trust and police legitimacy states t

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