Rise and fall, challenging the ongoing processes of history

Rise and fall, challenging the ongoing processes of history

            In the course of time, changes are present. As known to many, change is inevitable and could not be hindered. Hence, as people and as a community we all have to go with the flow in order to go through the challenges at hand. In recent times, challenges in the international community are present. Provided that the international community has changed its ideology, many actors have a changed purpose and duty. Although there are changes in the international community, the United Nations is still present and has remained a strong influence to every nation. In this aspect, the rise of such question is at hand: What kind of change can the United Nation bring in a world where history repeats itself?

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            The United Nation is an important entity in the world. The international organization is the only international entity that is able to promote various kinds of concerns in which countries adhere and address. The United Nations have experienced different wars, varying changes and challenges throughout its stance in the international community. Definitely, history repeats it self. Looking at the current international community and the current issues that are present all have been experienced by nations such as wars, economic problems, poverty and the likes. Hence, none of these are new to the United Nations.

            Through time, the United Nations is able to attain the attention of different nations. The implementation of the international law and various protocols and agreements has created a definite awareness of the issue in different nations. One example is the millennium development goal which continuously promotes the issues of world hunger, poverty, gender inequity, environmental protection, displaced people, health problems and the likes. Through these kinds of programs, the United Nations is able to maintain the awareness of different nations that there is a need for every people to perform change and development.

            It is true that history repeats itself; however, the challenges in the international community are different. It could be recalled that the whole world was deeply affected by the Great Depression.  In the current international community the whole world is the affected by the Recession. Moreover, the situations of both economic issues are different because the sources of the problem are not the same. Although the problems are the same, the root causes are different. Hence, United Nations could still bring changes in the future.

            The changes which the United Nations could achieve are through the implementation of different protocols, international programs, and the international law which is binding to all its members. Hence, the development of the international community is never ending. Therefore, the United Nations is needed in order to have oneness in the global community. Through the international organization, every member of the international community could be together in implementing policies and changes that would promote the values of a globalized world.

            Furthermore, the United Nations is an important entity which is deeply needed by every nation. Due to the differences of every state in the world, an international organization must be present to address issues together—with one goal. Therefore, the United Nations is still the an important international organization for all nations to address the needs and challenges of the global community.

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