Rising Divorce Rate in Taiwan Essay

Rising Divorce Rate Divorce rate is rising up year by year in Taiwan. According to Ministry of Interior’s research Taiwan’s divorce rate is the second highest of the world and it’s also the highest in Asia. There are some cause of divorce rate is rising and some effect it brings. First, according to Marital Crisis Management Association’s studies, a married person having extramarital relations is one of the reason cause a couple divorce. The effect it brings is distrust.

It is hard to trust people for those who have this experience before.

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Rising Divorce Rate in Taiwan
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They can’t trust people because they had been hurt by the people they used to trust most. This is not the only cause of rising divorce rate. Second reason cause rising divorce rate is personality diversity. There are many couples get married without careful consideration that the cause they divorce easily. They don’t know each other well then get married so it may cause an effect.

They will argue with each other frequently and then divorce. Divorcing because of personality diversity is an irresponsible behavior.

There is one more cause haven’t mention yet. Third reason cause of rising divorce rate is family violence. It also the highest percent cause a couple divorce in Taiwan. People who have this experience will spend a lot of time to get over it. The effects to people are on physiologically and spiritually. In short, these reasons cause divorce rate is rising year by year and have many effects. No matter get marry or divorce people should think over carefully. If people have think after careful deliberations that won’t be many tragedy things happened.

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