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Taiwan Creative Tea-Pearl Milk Tea

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The most flavored drinks in Taiwan has to be pearl milk tea which has invented by Taiwanese and has been spreading worldwide since 2000. Including the United States, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, China, Southeast Asia, and even the Dubai and Qatar of Middle East,… Pearl milk tea has been being sold by Taiwanese in these places. Taiwanese have been selling it which is very common overseas, and now even the foreigners have begun to join this promotion of Taiwan flavor.

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Taiwan Creative Tea-Pearl Milk Tea
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Assad (Assad Khan), the British who did banking investment before. When the first time he drank pearl milk tea in the United States in 2000. It is unforgettable to him. After that time, he quit his job and made a special trip to Taiwan to learn from a teacher, and he opened pearl milk tea shop “Bubbleology” in April 2011 in the center of London’s lively Soho. It was about 160 NT dollars for each, and sold more than 500 cups a day.

It is as double as he estimated. Pearl milk tea have been successful spread across borders.

Lindsay.Fox, is the Chairman of Linfox and also the 10th plutocrat of Australia in 2010, came to Taiwan for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council (ABAC) and have the opportunity to drink Jane milk, ” you have kind of a tea with little black ball, it’s amazing “. This is his first time and very like it. Even foreigner has written an essay seriously about pearl milk tea. Glen Brodowsky, the British who came to Taiwan for the master degree in 2006. His essay title is” To recommend bubble tea from Taiwan to the Britain “. It has hundreds of pages long. Jane milk represented at creative tea in Taiwan.

Coconut, pudding, rice noodle, or other desserts mix into the six categories tea system and combined into hundreds of casual tea items. It’s plentiful and full of surprises. Thus someone said drinking coffee is like “drinking atmosphere” and drinking pearl milk tea is a kind of leisure entertainment and pop culture, and consumers really enjoy in the process. Liu Han Je, is the manager of Chun Shuei Tang of Taichung also the original inventor of bubble tea and pearl milk tea, analysis that the invention of pearl milk tea in Taiwan. Actually, is the story of the rebirth of the traditional tea culture in the modern transformation.

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