Risk Management Plan Guidelines and Methods

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As the new risk manager, my role is to create a Risk Management Plan for Little Falls Hospital. The main goal of this plan is to establish a safety-focused culture within the hospital. Its aim is to offer directives and tactics for managing and organizing administrative and clinical activities effectively, with the intention of reducing losses caused by injuries or damages experienced by consumers, employees, visitors, or the facility itself. It should be noted that all employees at this facility bear responsibility for risk management.

Effective risk management is crucial for the facility and its programs due to their size and complexity. The objective of the risk management plan is to consistently decrease exposure risk by involving all employees. This includes identifying, investigating, analyzing, and evaluating risks. The next step involves selecting and implementing appropriate approaches for addressing, reducing, managing, transferring, and/or eliminating these risks.

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The risk management program relies on the cooperation of all departments, services, and patient care professionals. It aims to establish guidelines for managing different types of liabilities such as professional, business-related, general, motor vehicle liabilities, and workers’ compensation. The primary goal is to identify, investigate, and supervise injuries, accidents, and other incidents that may necessitate compensation.The risk manager, together with assigned participants, will supervise the management of events involving patients, staff, visitors, and organizational assets. The objective of this risk management plan is to guarantee both quality care and a secure environment while safeguarding the organization’s resources. This plan will entail influencing, persuading, and educating leaders in different departments like Administration, Billing Services, Human Resources, Legal Services, and Medical Equipment.

Little Falls Hospital’s Risk Management Program aims to enhance patient satisfaction by implementing various strategies. These include utilizing patient satisfaction surveys to address concerns or issues raised by patients and assess their level of satisfaction, as well as actively resolving any complaints received. The program’s primary focus is on improving overall patient satisfaction.

Our commitment to patient safety includes participating in National Patient Safety Goals, implementing organizational safety strategies, and supporting other patient safety initiatives. We assess systems that may contribute to patient care errors and injuries and educate stakeholders about risks and how to reduce them. We promote quality care for patients and strive to improve performance. We ensure compliance with state-specific scope of practice, laws, regulations, and standards. Our aim is to minimize the occurrence and impact of adverse events.

Participate in care-related environmental activities to enhance safety for patients, visitors, and staff. Meet requirements set by accredited organizations and mitigate adverse events and injuries to prevent future losses. The Risk Management Program is being designed to reduce potentially unsafe conditions and system-related errors through the implementation of continuous improvement strategies.

For this program to succeed, it is necessary for all parties to have top-level commitment and support. The governing board authorizes this program and plan through a resolution, which will be documented in the minutes of the board meeting. The risk management plan will be regularly reviewed, updated, and approved on a daily basis or as necessary to address any changes or issues that arise.

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