Roe V Wade: Pro-Life (Mla Format)

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The ongoing controversy over abortion continues to be a persistent subject of disagreement.

This argument traces its origins to 1973 when the famed Roe V Wade case was brought before the Supreme Court, resulting in the legalization of abortions. In that case, abortions were permitted without restrictions in earlier months of pregnancy, but with limitations in later months (Lewis). The case was presented by Norma McCorvery under the pseudonym Jane Roe, who argued for the protection of her rights and those of countless other women in Texas.

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The abortion debate extends beyond the issue of women’s rights and encompasses the potential outcomes of death as well as the responsibilities that may overwhelm many unprepared women. However, there are scenarios where pregnancies occur without planning or where a child’s safety would be compromised in their parents’ environment. In such cases, instead of opting for abortion, adoption should be contemplated.

The Roe V Wade case should be reconsidered and limitations should be placed on abortions, permitting them only in critical situations for the individuals seeking them. The argument can be made that abortion ends a life due to the presence of a heartbeat in the fetus, acknowledging it as a living entity. According to Pasquini’s statement, “At the moment of conception, we have a human organism—a genuine human being—not that of a baboon, chimpanzee, or elephant” (5).

Legalizing the act of killing an innocent human being who has not committed any crime is a challenging idea to embrace. It is unjust to hold a baby responsible for their mother’s error or penalize them solely based on their existence. Typically, in cases of unwarranted loss of life, severe measures such as the death penalty are enforced.

Abortion, the act of terminating a fetus’s life, should be forbidden and denounced in society due to the belief that a fetus is an individual with equal rights. Ending their life, particularly when they have not committed any wrongdoing or been involved in any crimes, cannot be morally justified. They have a heartbeat and deserve respectful treatment. Abortion essentially encompasses the killing of another human being and should not be permitted or lawful. Numerous individuals who contemplate abortion perceive it as their sole recourse in challenging circumstances.

Adoption offers a viable alternative to abortion, addressing the mother’s predicament. It is a practical and beneficial choice that safeguards the baby’s well-being, ensuring everyone’s contentment. By entrusting the baby to a thoroughly vetted, supportive family, the mother can alleviate her concerns and focus on her own life. The adoption process, lasting two years, guarantees that the chosen family is suitable and capable of providing proper care for the baby.

Choosing adoption provides an alternative to terminating babies due to their biological mother’s mistakes, giving them the opportunity to live the life they were meant for. This decision is not only safe but also better than abortion as it allows babies to continue growing and developing, while easing mothers’ concerns and enabling them to move forward. As Lowen noted, there are 1.5 million American families interested in adoption, ensuring that no child will be considered unwanted. Abortion not only harms babies but also has a significant impact on mothers.

Research has indicated that abortions can have lasting health implications for women, including challenges with fertility and an increased risk of miscarriage. There are various “minor” complications linked to abortions, such as infections, bleeding, fevers, chronic abdominal pain, gastro-intestinal disturbances, vomiting, and RH sensitization. Conversely, the most prevalent “major” complications encompass infection, excessive bleeding, embolism, tearing or perforation of the uterus, anesthesia-related issues like convulsions,hemorrhage,cervical injury,and endotoxic shock.

“(Reardon) Then there’s the psychological aspect of it. Many years after the procedure, women often still experience regret and guilt for their decision. It is a deeply distressing experience for the mother, causing significant psychological damage and stress. During the abortion, the mother can hear the sound of the heartbeat fading away as she is injected with a specific serum.”

There are different ways that can result in trauma and depression for the mother, requiring specific treatments and therapy. Ultimately, having an abortion has more negative outcomes than advantages, making it even more challenging to progress in life. Moreover, apart from the adverse effects, undergoing the procedure also entails financial costs.

The funding for this procedure is usually carried out using dollars, which are contributed by American citizens through taxes. These taxes provide support for different areas of the country such as education and prisons. However, it is worrisome that taxpayer money intended to enhance the nation is being utilized to terminate innocent unborn babies through abortion, despite their lack of any wrongdoing. Regrettably, many Americans are unaware that their hard-earned money is being allocated towards this immoral practice and they would be outraged if informed about it. Thankfully, Obama has recently enacted legislation that partially limits federal funding for abortion, although complete restrictions have not yet been implemented.

While there are various contraception methods like pills, inserts, and condoms to prevent unwanted pregnancies, it is important to understand that abortion should not be considered a replacement or contingency plan if contraception fails. It is essential to acknowledge that practicing abstinence remains a reliable method to avoid unintended pregnancies even though contraception may occasionally be less effective.

Moreover, if a woman is sufficiently responsible to overlook worries about any kind of birth control, it would be unjust for her to evade accountability for her actions and opt for abortion instead. It is crucial for individuals to comprehend the seriousness of abortions and how acting selfishly can result in consequences. In general, multiple contraceptive methods have been created to discourage the concept of obtaining an abortion. Abortions entail terminating a human life, and the fact that this life has not yet entered the world does not diminish its significance; hence, it should not be allowed.

The Roe V Wade case initiated the ongoing debate on abortions. However, considering the significant advancements in preventive methods and alternative options available today, I strongly advocate reevaluating this case.

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