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Role Models Like an Inspiration to People

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Anybody from the society has the potential to become a role model. These can be teachers, parents, civilian workers or family members. Those who make a difference in children and teens are the educators and progenitors. Mentors, because of the large amount of time spent with children in school. Where they began to understand , cope in social relations, and learning skills are developed. The civilian workers are the people that work hard in their respective profession, for the welfare of others.

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Role Models Like an Inspiration to People
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These actions, have awakened interest in children, worry about the society. Also, parents can be any one of these workers or anyone in the family. The children and youths are always observing and learning from the attitudes of their parents and relatives. The environment that surrounds them, is the most important part of the childhood; as a result, they learn to manage anger, respect to others, the value of health, keep a positive outlook and interpret the life.

Furthermore, teenagers with their dreams and aspirations to fame take as an example to follow, the artist and athletes.

Many however, aspired to be famous, believing that fame could be easily accessed. Since these, always advise the dreamers to never give up and continues forward. Famous people say: “Nothing is impossible, all is about persevering and fight for what they want, above any person or obstacle. The famous, make youths illusions each day more bigger. They create a stir in many aspects such as: how to dress, manner of speaking and attitudes.

Athletes, also form part of this group of important people that young persons follow like an example for their life. In this case kids and adolescents want to play some sports to be in an Olympia, stadiums, and represent their country around the world; letting know who they are. The athletes are part of he motivation of teenagers, in maintaining a good health, better physical condition and body. This makes adolescent more focused on their goals and not lose their time in bad things. Besides, other kids have not chosen a role model.

Some youths doesn’t live in a healthy environment with good examples to follow. Any progenitors are not interests in educating and give love to their children. This causes these kids tress grows rebels or no interest in a good future. But it is admirable that those who goes ahead without the help of their loved ones and wants to be different. In spite of the problems and resistances they confronted, decided to be good persons. Perhaps, did not have a good role model, nothing stopped.

For this reason, a role model can be any person in the world. Not necessarily all the role models are good. A few may be famous, or your neighbor, grandfather, police, parents, etc. The environment that surrounds a child or teenager is also an example to follow for them. What they see and hear, whether good or bad, is what they will be imitate and also the way they speak and act. ” I would like to be called an inspiration to people, not a role model because make mistakes like everybody else. ” Brittany Spears.

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