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Effective Role Models In Teachers

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Teachers are playing parents, friends, nurse, and so many other roles. Creating a safe and caring environment for students is always first and foremost for teachers. In my life time as a student I have been blessed with the opportunity to have many teachers be effective role models, moral models and ethical mentor. However, Mr.. Mortal was probably the teacher that had the greatest effect on my life. Mr.. Mortal was my ninth grade creative writing teacher. He came into my life when my whole world seemed to be falling apart.

My parents had separated and my father walked out on his family.

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Effective Role Models In Teachers
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The last thing I cared about was school. “Fractured families and the stress of outside commitments carry a cost that children pay. ” (Licking, 1991, p. 31). Mr.. Mortal was the caregiver and moral model that needed and feel was placed in my life for a very important reason. Mr.. Mortal seemed to take the time to make me laugh and to let me know that my thoughts counted.

He made me feel good about myself during a time in my life when I didn’t even want to get up in the morning. After my father left my mother had to work long hours and was unable to really take care of us.

Between the lack of supervision of my mother and the people surrounded myself with I was on a path to nowhere. Mr.. Mortal told me that I was better than those that surround myself with and that I had a future. Mr.. Mortal taught me the importance of responsibility and honesty and that you were only as good as your word. He instilled in me moral values that was lacking or that were just so buried that couldn’t seem to find them. “Moral values tell us what we ought to do. We must abide by them even when we’d rather 1991, p. 38). Mr.. Mortal taught me that if I wanted to be respected I needed to earn it, and that life is a give ND take.

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