Role of Drugs in the Society

This article explains about the relationship between the Mexican American Gang members and the society in the South Texas. The researchers had analyzed on what basis the youth is getting attracted towards in distribution & production of the drugs they had clearly explained about the consequences of using &selling of drugs in the society which will have an adverse impact on the youth which indirectly affects the one’s own countries’ economic development. The learned people had analyzed and stated that the mostly the people from the Low income urban communities are involved in such illegal activities which may be due to their ignorance, illiterate, unawareness, poverty. The Government and society should take responsibility for stopping such activities by providing the awareness among them.

In the present world people are so busy they don’t even find the time to think about the society which will have an effect on those delinquent teenagers who are loitering on the streets who don’t have any other source of income to feed their families and involve in such illegal activities which will make them an easy victim in the society. People will try to ignore such activities which are happening around as they have a negative thought on such community but they don’t realize their responsibilities.

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The researchers ignore most of the gang activity with that of the social surroundings because they had analyzed on what basis specifically only the Low urban income Community is involved in such illegal activity due to financial background. They had created a means of communication for them to address in front of the media why they had got into such business? Due to lack of awareness, poverty and the researchers have also explained about the social incorporation which is lacking from the society and they have to realize it as their sense of responsibility towards their companions. So, to create a source of communication between the society and the Gang members they have to be some sort of evidence and records which will fill up the gap between them.

This essay elaborates on the life style of the Gang members how they have been kept at a distance from the society and it will also explain about how they have involved in such activities which have been declared as illegal by the government and it also states on how they will be dealing when any adverse situation arise in their life. The (Jacob, 1974) the gangs will be dealing in such illegal activity from inside the prison also and they utilize the juveniles and the adult prison gangs for rotation of drugs in the market. The ex-convicts are also involved in this activity once they had released from the jail. In order to overcome these situations the government has to take necessary steps what they will be doing once they step into the society.

The researchers had taken a lot of hardship in identifying the relationship between the gang members and other actors. The study has highlighted on 2 areas: high concentration the behavior and reports, studies.

The field workers will make the social mapping of these communities by observing their daily activities, identification of gangs and how they target the juveniles and adult prison gangs. The field workers maintain the rapport with them in order to identify their activities and record them and send them to the researches analyzing their purpose and they had even taken care of not revealing the information to the public authorities.

After a qualitative analysis on the  basis of drug member’s life history 2 dimensions have been emerged:

  1. Behavior: it states about the behavior of the members of the gang and how they deal in buying and selling of drugs to their customers. The street gangs are those which are traditional, but they will not be having any hierarchy and they will be involved all types of criminal activities the gang will be protecting its members from their rival gangs also which is an umbrella protection.
  2. User-seller: the gang members sell and purchase drugs directly from the dealers to earn the profits instead of appointing middlemen. The gang members will be dealing individually or as a gang. They will purchase any luxury products out of their profits.

The cross classification of the subjects by the two dimensions result in a two-fold typology:

  1. Drug User/Sellers in Non-dealing Gangs: Home boys/Slanger
  2. Drug User/Sellers in dealing Gangs:    Hustler/Baller

Home boys: The gang works individually and they act as middlemen who don’t have direct contact regarding buying and purchasing drugs. The majority of the Gang members are teenagers who work for income to feed their families and they’re generally from the Low urban income community. There general activities are gang banging.

Slanger: This particular gang isn’t interested in participating in supplying and buying the drugs, but they indirectly deal into such activities to support their families and this particular gang families also participates in these activities.

Hustler: The gang works for the protection of the gang members and the profits earned by them aren’t shared between them.

Baller: This gang control drug distribution business and according to Goldstein the violence in this gang is much purposeful and they deal into transaction business of the drugs.

Researches have done, how these gangs are formed and their purpose of conducting illegal activities in the society. In order to put an end to such type of illegal activities the government and society has to come forward to help them, the researchers have found that most people from the low urban communities and persons who have culprit background are involved because of poverty and mostly the juveniles are used for the supply of drugs in the market.

To prove this, the researchers have done studies by creating a rapport with the gang members and they recorded and found that the mostly the teenagers are involved in such illegal activities to overcome their poverty and the people who has criminal background also participate in such activities.

The society has to provide protection and also financial support to them and they should also think how they had got involved in this activity and they also should provide awareness to them by conducting camps by which they can think the disadvantages of producing the drugs into the society where the youth is spoiling their valuable life in participating in this activities. The gang members sometimes used to involve in fights for the production and supply of drugs to earn profits. The innocent people are suffering in the society where such illegal activities are in progress. Well, the people should take initiation to put a stop to such illegal activities in the society and the government should also meet those gang members and explain them regarding the disadvantages of supplying drugs and on other side the government also has the knowledge of these activities but to earn the profits for economical needs of the country.

The Law and order should be so powerful by which such activities can be controlled and they should be provided proper knowledge about such activities which may affect the economic condition of a country and the law should also give protection by introducing sections where they can feel comfortable that they can live in the society as general public because the innocent people are getting suffered sometimes unintentionally. The community has realized that it was a no win situation. They did not have the inflow of money to survive without the gangs and so they were forced do take the money to support their families. In the meantime, this very thing caused the gangs to expand and take power over the people of the community and the environment as a whole. The gangs, hate the community as they have no place in the society.

I appreciate the research done by the author by meeting the gang members and also knowing about their dealing with illegal activities and which has made us understand how they had got involved by which they had got unnoticed from the society. They should be provided helping hand by giving support economically to their families.

The weakness I found is about those people who aren’t involved in such activity, but they became prey to these gang members and where they had no shelter in this society and being forced to get into it without an option they should be provided justice by knowing the facts on what basis they had entered.

I think what the scholar wants to express in this article was really a subjective part of where the society will come to know that the gang members are also normal people where they hadn’t had any intention in getting into this act. I also think that they should be provided all means of support by where they can get into the proper direction and it will also encourage their family members to lead a normal life in the society where they can be economic progress in the country.


We as a society should take care of those innocent people who are suffering and also got involved in such illegal activity without intention and this study makes us understand that we should provide rehabilitation centers and support them by providing financial support and we should provide alternate jobs to them and it is a sad part that educated people are also involved in such activity. The gang members wanted to help the society by creating another source of income, which happened to be drug dealing.


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