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Art and Its Role in Society

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It goes without saying that art has not always been what we think it is nowadays, though the terms “art” and “artist” are rather modern notions. Nowadays we consider Greek painted pottery or medieval manuscript illumination as the best examples of art, because they were made in times. However, these objects may be and should be appreciated, though they are not “art” in the current sense. It is known that art lacks clear and exact definition and it is easier to describe it as something that is done.

As Bart Rosier notes, art is “the use of skill and imagination in the creation of aesthetic objects, environments, or experiences that can be shared with others”.

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Art and Its Role in Society
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It is a matter if fact that art is playing nowadays one of the most crucial roles in society and enriches humans’ lives. It is impossible to imagine our world without art even for a minute. Art stimulates our brains, makes people laugh or fell pity, and enriches humans’ emotions in natural way.

Art helps people to be creative and expressive. Further, art makes people thoughtful and well-rounded humans being integrated part of everyday lives. People are hardly to stop thinking about art. Nowadays even a desk, a coffee cup are art objects, because they are functional and aesthetically pleasing to people’s eyes. It is necessary to mention that art is subjective and it means different things for different people.

Nowadays there are many kinds of arts and artists involving generally accepted and new creative styles. Usually, people think that art is represented by painting, photography, producing and making films, computer designing, sculpture and ceramics, literature works, dancing, musical performance, etc. However, new artists jib appears on the scale such as makeup artists, nail artists, sound artist, food artist, media artist and dental artist. It suggests that art is creative and new art forms appear all the time as they time is changing and people need something new and fresh to enjoy. Everybody have equal chances to become an artist.

As it is mentioned art play important role and every person is able to become an artist. For example, during performance in the class, one of the classmates presented the motion of birth. It is a common knowledge that everyone does such action when coming into this world and, therefore, everyone may be considered artist from the very birth. The next moment to mention is that cooking is also an example of art, because it is functional and pleases everyone. For example, mothers are cooking every day displaying food nicely. Therefore, cooking delicious food is also a critical artwork. Lots of home tasks are artworks. For example, fathers who are busy with making gardens beautiful are also creative artists as well as children playing with Lego or building sand castles at the seas. Taking pictures or making personal website is artistic actions. Even sea can also be an artist forming sea stones and shells into a mysterious picture after the low tide.

Today there are lots of opportunities to obtain information about artist skills, artworks, new kinds of extraordinary art, etc. The most widely used sources are multimedia and Internet resources. All you need is to type in Yahoo or Google search engines “Modern art” and your problem will be solved, because every solution would be found due to worldwide artist. Moreover, art is not a secret today requiring no degree and license. Everyone is able to become an artist. All he needs is to practice a little to display your artwork on gallery.

Today many people use art style for homes or play with paint as a hobby. They enjoy the process of painting or decorating. Therefore, I’d like to pay also attention to abstract painting being mysterious, ambiguous and appealing at the same time. Jack Pollock and Piet Mondrian are abstract painters of the middle of the 20th century whose artworks have much in common. Their abstract painting is unique, because they devoted much time to painting and painting techniques. The fact that they managed to find their own style should be appreciated. Jackson Pollack appeared skillful in painful creating art. Further, their artworks have strong impression and they are enjoyable as well. Pollack and Mondrian use strong color – black and white or black and white with primary color – in order to strongly impress viewers. Also Mondrian used straight line and Pollock used irregularity line for their abstract paintings.

Speaking about history of my artwork, firstly, I’d like to say that I started painting when I was only 5 years of age. I didn’t believe I was a talented artist, though art, especially, painting was the most enjoyable in my childhood. When I was a teenager, painting became my favorite hobby, though I though that my works are the same as others’ and even worse than that of my classmates’. Therefore, I made up a decision to stop painting. In 10 years I was taking painting class and was painting with acrylic color. And, suddenly, I realized that my painting became of different style from other students. One day I used too much water on acrylic paint than color was flowing on canvas. It was my lucky accident like Jackson Pollock. Like Jackson Pollock’s abstract painting, every one can enjoy it.

I’d like to describe my favorite artwork. Despite the fact that I did not make the name of this artwork, it speaks for itself.  And every viewer is able to decide for himself, what title suits the best for my painting. The painting represents horizontal dropping. The style of picture is characterized by minimalism with strong colors. Natural mix of color intensifies the expression. The painting suggests musical rhythms ranging from heart beating to calm flowing of blood. As for me, the painting ensures strong impression due to unique style of dabs and runs of paint. The composition of the painting is simple, though the impression is strong due to natural colors. For me, the painting arouses lots of emotions and feelings such as, for example, peace of mind. Due to dropping going horizontally I wanted to illustrate calm flowing of life. Actually, I want people to enjoy my abstract style of painting, my creative thinking and vision.


Rosier, Bart. (2006, December 20). What is Art? Retrieved February 20, 2007, from http://www.geocities.com/SoHo/Coffeehouse/6831/whatsart.html

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