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The Impact of Television on Society

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  • Pages 4
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    When doctors think about curing cancer, Alzheimer’s, and autism it seems impossible, and much more work has to be done correctly? Well now imagine a hundred years ago doctors were thinking the same thought that it was impossible to cure certain illnesses, but now those illnesses that killed are cured of tone television something as simple as medicine, antibiotics, and treatments/shots. Robert Thompson, in his article “1985: Television Transformed 1.0,” explains how television has not only changed, but the extent of its enhancements, and Jeff Greenfield in his article “From Wasteland to Wonderland-TV’s Altered Landscape,” explains where television started and how those new businesses got their rise because of it. Thompson’s overall tone is different from Greenfield’s because it is more informative and intellectual, having more outside sources whereas Greenfield has a more personable tonetelevision were, being more friendly and easy-going. The audience in either article could range from students, professors, and other educated specialists in that profession. Robert Thompson appealed to logos, ethos, and pathos within his article more than Jeff Greenfield did because it was thought out carefully and preceded with a thought about how greatly television has changed. Although television was created in the past, most of society believes the fame of television was recent. First, it was radio talk shows with live singing, then it became black and white television with minimal channels, and shortly after it turned into colored television, from then on it began to enhance and improve, creating new businesses and companies along the way and increasing the profit revenues. But television, channels, networks, commercials, and new companies such as Hulu and Netflix all started because of the seed that was planted in the past and not just randomly created in the present.

    Logos appeals to reason, facts, and logic so when each author appeals to logos in their articles to persuade their audience it is used differently. Robert Thompson acknowledged that most of society was not greatly affected by the changes because they quickly adapted, and often the changes benefited them. Thompson did not integrate as many outside quotes from other companies/businesses, but his argument was clear. In Robert Thompson’s article “1985: Television Transformed 1.0,” he asserts that “Viewers have access to vast quantities of programming, according to their tastes and schedules, stored on DVRs, DVDs, on-demand cable and satellite channels, and online services,” in others words explaining reasons why television is valued so much to society. As television progressed it became known that tv goers wanted more access with less work so with “the Alzheimer’sofAlzheimer’s the home videocassette recorder was the medium’s most important sea change. Now people at home could record and collect movies and television shows and watch them when they pleased,” Thompson explains that the enhancement of recording a program, show, or movie onto a device allows viewers to watch when they want instead of waiting for it the next premier time. Jeff Greenfield integrated a variety of quotes from higher-up companies/businesses while channeling the effect these changes had on society and the profit televisiong made, unlike Robert Thompson. In Greenfields’ article “From Wasteland to Wonderland: TV’s Altered Landscape,” he asserts that “The key to the old TV world was scarcity. Only so many channels could beam through the air without running into each other,” moreover that with little to no space or storage is the reason television was so limited, which lead to improvements such as DVDs, recording, cassette tapes, and ma Greenfields’ore channels.

    Although each article discussed very similar topics concerning television and its improvement, profit, and effects on society neither one is wrong or right. Thompson and Greenfield appealed to logos, ethos, and pathos similarly and differently, leaving one to appeal a little more based on opinion. Robert Thompson’s article connected more with the readers by not overwhelming with too many outside sources, but still showcasing his credibility, connection, and intellect as an author. Both articles shared a great insight into how television from the past was the reason for new businesses being created and televisionwas expanding to what it is now. Although Jeff Greenfield’s article was compelling and well thought out it was not as appealing to logos, ethos, and pathos as Robert Thompson’s was. Television was created in the past and society believes the fame of television was recent from a lack of knowledge of where it really came from. It was seen as old televisions to now having a variety of choices to choose from without issues. Radio talk shows with live singing to black and white television, then colored televisionweretelevision were increased and, now television being something that was once a fantasy turning into the reality of today’s worlds. New businesses created along the way and increased the profit revenues. Regardless television, networks, commercials, and new companies were invented because of the past.

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