“Roll Of Thunder Hear My Cry”

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I will be discoursing the function of Jeremy Simms in the book Role of Thunder Hear My Cry . Jeremy is a white male child. He lives with his household who are racialists. Jeremy ranges out to black kids in his community peculiarly the Logan kids ( Stacey, Cassie, Christopher-John and Little Man ) . I will look at the function played by Jeremy Simms and I will look at what he represents.

We foremost see Jeremy walking to school with the Logan kids and TJ, Jeremy does non acquire the coach to school with the other white kids he walks with the black kids: When Jeremy Simms spied us from his high perch on the forest way, he ran down hurriedly joined us.  This shows that Jeremy is non afraid of what the other white kids think. This shows that Jeremy has a strong character and that Jeremy is making out to the black community. He is above the others in society and non afraid of what others think. He can see past the coloring material of peoples skin and see what is indoors. Jeremy does non take the school coach with other white kids he walks with the black kids.

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This shows that Jeremy is concerned about his friends and concerned about the state of affairs in society at the clip. The fact that Jeremy does non acquire the coach with other white kids shows strength of character. This strength of character could enable Jeremy to do a difference in the hereafter.

At Christmas Jeremy visits the Logan household house. He gives Stacey a gift of a flute: Jeremy … handed a slender, paper-wrapped object to Stacey. Made this for ya, he said The flute symbolises harmoniousness between the races, the fact that it is a musical instrument is besides important. Music is an international linguistic communication which can convey everyone together despite their race. Stacey takes the gift and he puts it in his box of cherished things. He does non play on the flute, this shows that Stacey is non ready for the friendly relationship with Jeremy. He treasures the flute which may bespeak a possible friendly relationship between races in the hereafter.

Papa is non excessively certain about Jeremy, he tells Stacey to be careful. Papa is evidently really wise and he believes that the inkinesss should maintain themselves to themselves. He feels that the friendly relationship could be unsafe to Stacey and perchance to Jeremy. Papa is evidently a immense influence on Stacey and Papa’s agnosticism rubs off on Stacey.

Jeremy tells Stacey, Cassie, Christopher-John and Little Man about the tree house he has. He says: I can see and hear things merely the squirrels and birds can see and hear? Jeremy’s is literally above other white people and emotionally above them. He can see things others can non this could intend that Jeremy can see more than others. He can see past the coloring material of person’s tegument. This shows us that Jeremy has cognition that others do non.

Jeremy has a dream for the hereafter, he wants to populate in a treehouse. The trees represent a strong foundation for the hereafter. He has the freedom to woolgather, Stacey is non willing to accept this dream at the minute. This shows that at the minute a strong inter race relationship can non take topographic point, possibly in the hereafter Jeremy’s dream could go world. When reading the book I noticed a immense difference between the Family of Jeremy and the Logan household.  This shows that the Logan household is closer together than the Simms household. The Black household hold had to lodge together and remain strong to maintain the land dispite the racial favoritism in their society.

Jeremy is presently a really weak symbol of future peace. He is presently excessively weak to alteration anything in the society and eliminate racialist positions. Jeremy has a little address hindrance in the signifier of a stammer: Jeremy stuttered an apology I-I merely meant we could still see eachother. Jeremy wants to voice his sentiments but is held back by a stammer. The stammer represents Jeremy non holding freedom of address. This shows the limitations on the society Jeremy can non talk up for what he believes in. Mildred Taylor likely aimed this book at the immature people in todays society. She represents many different types of people with the purpose to interrupt down the stereotypes held of the epoch.

Jeremy in the hereafter may go a stronger figure in the society. Jeremy plays the function of hope for the hereafter he represents that one twenty-four hours there will be an incorporate society with freedom of address. The future hope is indicated with symbolism. Foundations for the hereafter are being laid in the manner of Jeremy’s tree house and hereafter harmoniousness between races is shown with the gift of a flute.

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