“The Sound of Thunder” by Ray Bradbury and “Nethergrave” by Gloria Skurzynski Sample

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The Sound of Thunder by Ray Bradbury and Nethergrave by Gloria Skurzynski are both science fiction stories that deal with the consequences of technology on individuals. In The Sound of Thunder, Eckells travels back in time and makes a small mistake that has major consequences for the future. In Nethergrave, Jeremy chooses to escape his real-life problems by immersing himself in a virtual world. Both characters make selfish decisions that have unintended consequences. The stories highlight the impact of individual choices on the future and show how technology can be both positive and negative. While both stories explore similar themes, the student found The Sound of Thunder more engaging due to its unique concept of the butterfly effect.

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Ray Bradbury’s “The Sound of Thunder” and Gloria Skurzynski’s “Nethergrave” are both good scientific discipline fiction narratives. These narratives are both about scientific engineering altering the life of a certain individual. although there are a few different subjects in these narratives. In. “The Sound of Thunder. ” Eckells has a rude rousing when he realizes that he will be confronting rough effects due to the fact that he didn’t obey the few regulations that were given at the beginning of his journey. In “Nethergrave. ” Jeremy chooses to go around his life around the practical universe. instead than the existent universe where he is invariably bullied and normally experiencing embarrassed. abandoned and sometimes ache. However. both of these characters are instead similar. as they are both being selfish in an unselfish manner without recognizing that they are in fact being selfish. Both of these narratives revolve around the consequence certain picks have on others’ hereafter and even your ain hereafter. I rather enjoyed reading “The Sound of Thunder” a batch more than I did reading. ‘Nethergrave. ”

I found that his construct to where the slightest touch of a blade of grass. a spreading of a source from their really ain breath in the yesteryear could do a chain-reaction in the hereafter that could alter everything that he one time knew. In the narrative. Eckells uses a company’s innovation. being a clip machine. and goes back into the Jurassic times. where monstrous existences lived. far before the decease of Christ even. While Eckells was at that place. he made bantam error when he was stricken with fright that so. caused a chain-reaction of events that affected the hereafter in 2055. The error was beyond something little at the clip but ended up holding a monolithic consequence on the hereafter of every person being in the present twenty-four hours universe. Gloria Skurzynski’s “Nethergrave” was a good read and really relatable at that ; I didn’t happen it as appealing or thought inducement as Ray’s short narrative.

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“Nethergrave” is about a male child named Jeremy. who made a determination to remain in a universe that he felt most comfy in in and was promised to ne’er be abandoned. instead than the true outside universe that seems so difficult to be in as a adolescent. In my honorable sentiment. I think that it is a cliche narrative about a adolescent experiencing entirely in the universe that doesn’t understand him and him happening something that he feels does maintain his involvement and besides makes him experience at peace with being himself. Although. I can associate to Jeremy’s narrative. it merely wasn’t as idea bring oning as I wished it could hold been. I did bask it. merely non every bit much as the other short narrative. Both of these narratives have showed how engineering can either be good or can destruct someone’s life. In scientific discipline fiction secret plans. the turning technological progress that world continues to develop can frequently ensue in a negative consequence. Although. we have benefitted from our technological progresss. I feel that some things would hold been better off left without being made!

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