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Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry



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Mildred D. Taylor is the author of the book “Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry” and she tells us about an African American family and how about racism in the 1930‘s. In this book, we learn about racism in the deep South.

Cassie Logan is 9 years old and she grows up in a good family and she never thought that white people would look down on her or hurt her because of the color of her skin.

She learns about the night riders who are a great threat to her and her family and she worries about her three brothers, as well as other black people where she lives, being hurt or killed by racist people.

Cassie’s dad thinks that owning their property is very important and he tells Cassie that she should take a good look at the land that belongs to her because one day, she would realize just how important owning the land would be to her and her family. He wants her to understand that not living on someone else’s property and having something of your own should mean everything to her.

Mildred Taylor tells a wonderful story that is very educational about African Americans and how poverty, racism and sickness didn’t stop them from holding on to their dreams. She offers Cassie as a character we can relive the past through and see how hard life was for African Americans in the 1930’s, trying to survive attacks on their people and she shows the great bravery of Cassie Logan.




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