Roots of the Filipino Character Sample

Table of Content
  1. Pakikisama – Is giving to the will of the bulk merely so to acquire along with everybody and avoid marks of struggle.
  2. Bahala na Attitude – Leaving matters/ things as they are because nature will take it class.
  3. Bayanihan or Team Spirit – This is the Filipino value of chumminess or assisting one another in clip of demands.
  4. Utang na Loob or Reciprocity/ Debt of Gratitude – Portrays our true individuality based on concern and response to others particularly in our pattern of pagpapakatao and pakikipagkapwa –tao.
  5. Bukas-loob na Pagtanggap or Hospitality – It is a welcoming attitude which is a strong Filipino trait where they open their Black Marias to aliens and visitants and offer them the best in their places.
  6. Gulong ng Palad – Life’s ups and downs.
  7. Tsamba – Undeserved success brought about by fortune.
  8. Tadhana – Decried by destiny.
  9. Swerte or Buenas – Good fortune.


  1. Family Orientation – This is demonstrated in the strong dependance on the household for economic support. emotional satisfaction. common sharing among members. and societal coherence that serve as adhering togss of society.
  2. Hard work and Industry – These possibly observed in the enterprising and productive potencies and capablenesss of Filipinos in get bying with their economic demands.
  3. Pakikipagkapwa-tao – This is translated as a deep sense of concern for one’s self-respect and regard.
  4. Joy and Humor – The Filipinos have a prospensity to hearten and laugh and have a fun- loving attack to the ups and downs of life.
  5. Faith and Religiosity – The Filipinos have a deep religion in God.


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  1. Extreme Personalism – The Filipinos are highly personalistic.
  2. Lack of Discipline – The Filipinos have an antipathy for following purely a set of processs to detect order subject. Example:Palusot syndrome. nakaisa. nakalamang. nakadaya
  3. Lack of National Consciousness – This failing is observed in the systematic miseducation of Filipinos.
  4. Colonial Mentality – The Filipinos suffer from national memory loss and colonial outlook. Example:1. deficiency of nationalism and national integrating2. the strong penchant for imported goods. and foreign thoughts and ways.
  5. Passivity and Lack Initiative – Some have endowments. but they are by and large inactive and deficiency of enterprise.
  6. Kanya-kanya Syndrome – Most Filipinos have a selfish and self-seeking attitude that generates a feeling of enviousness toward others peculiarly when one’s equal has gained awards or prestigiousness because of difficult work. Examples: Tsismis. intriga. crab outlook
  7. Lack of Exhaustive survey and soul-searching – The Filipinos have the inclination to be superficial. Example:Maporma.

The Filipino Civic Code:

  1.  Faith in Divine Providence – Guides the fates of people states.
  2. Patriotism – Love of state.
  3. Love of Fellowmen – Love of fellowmen as brother’s/ sister’s or comrade in life journey.
  4. Respect for Parents and Elders – Honor to parents through grateful and duteous service to them.
  5. Fear for Heroes – Veneration of the memories of the states heroes.


  1. Humor – Value your award as you value your life.
  2. Devotion to Truth – Be true and honest in idea and in action.
  3. Fortitude – Bear agony which fortitude.
  4. Autonomy – Have assurance in yourself and in your ain power/capacity.
  5. Humility – Be low admit your ain short approachs. no human being is perfect.
  6. Self Control – Temper your will and control your passions. longlife peace. and felicity are the fruits of moderateness and ego control.
  7. Frugality – Live within your agencies and salvage portion of your net incomes for the showery yearss.
  8. Purposeful Populating – Ever maintain in head an honorable intent.
  9. Doggedness –Be persistent in whatever things of good study you may wish to make.
  10. Punctuality – Do your work on clip. go forthing nil undone that you can make today.
  11. Cleanliness – Keep your organic structure clean and your apparels neat at place and other sorroundings.

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