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Knowing Your Roots

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In “My Filipino Roots” the author Explain his not knowing his heritage. He also talks about how people are affected by not know and also knowing their roots. People should know and embrace their heritage and get to know about themselves. They need to know about the roots of their origins. They need to also know how they live and function in the everyday life. Knowing your heritage is a very good thing. It can help a person become well rounded and a little bit more educated.

Embracing it makes you more comfortable in your own skin.

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Knowing Your Roots
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When a person knows who they really are and where they come from, they have a better and happier life because they are comfortable with whom they really are. Knowing the fundamentals to who a person really is can be the key to understanding your roots. A person’s roots and origins is the first part to this process. Knowing where your people came from what was the first tongue they spoke.

When a person knows this valuable and insightful piece of information it can help them when they are looking for jobs and even engaging in conversation with your friends.

Who knew that knowing about a person’s roots could be so entertaining! When someone takes all of this in to account it is good to know how people live in their everyday life. The different ways that they handle their relationships with their family, friends and peers and also the ways that they would do things with them. Let’s take for example how they would socialize with their friends and peers. How they would spend time together and if they have a special place where they would hang out. Then this would show us if it were similar to people in today’s time.

Knowing your heritage is very important and can be a very big benefit. It can help you with all sorts of relationships with family, friends and even in your work life. This is why people should stop trying to fight the fact of disregarding your culture and embrace it in all of its glory. When embraced it can be promised that it’s something very good and it can liberating. Heritage is something very pretty that should be kept and passed down from generation to generation for a very long time.

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Knowing Your Roots. (2016, Sep 07). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/knowing-your-roots/

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