The Filipino Family Confronts the Modern World Sample

This article focuses on the alterations that Filipino Family encounters because of the fast development of engineering that affects our full life. The Filipino Family has had to face the force per unit areas of modernisation and invariably redefine its function in a quickly altering society. Varied though the responses have been. they all reflect one subject – lifting aspirations. For the multitudes this means an rousing desire to deviate material benefits presently out of range into their scope of acquisition. The household symbolizes anxiousness and security. On the one manus. it embraces its members fondly and without reserve. On the other. it creates crises for them by instilling norms and behaviours frequently in struggle with the criterions of other sectors of society. Fixing a kid for his grownup topographic point in society and keeping that integrating. one time made. represent the major day-to-day concerns of household life. Overall forms of similarity are discernable and merit consideration as important to an apprehension of the household in modern Philippine life viz. :

1 ) The Roles of Men and Women ; 2 ) The Parent-Child Relationship ; 3 ) Extended Kinship and the Nuclear Family. First was the Role of Men and Women. the stereotypic position of the Filipina’s function in her society is chiefly that of the solicitous female parent guarding the involvements of her many kids and alert lest her hubby be distracted from the primary undertaking of giving his income to the unit’s public assistance. Man is the polar member. As a symbolic caput. the household establishes its integrity and individuality. Leadership. subject over kids. and the voicing of determinations are male privileges. with the married woman moving as helpmeet. His net incomes provide the baseline for economic security. while the contacts he develops with others in the larger society can do or interrupt the household lucks. The adult female. on the other manus. holds the household together by pull offing the family and directing the lives of its members.

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This means managing merely the everyday undertakings of family and child care. If she aspires to a degree of populating higher than her husband’s capacity to supply. the load rests upon her to happen a manner of accomplishing her aspirations. The spiritual side of household life falls to his married woman. She represents both of them before God by fierily take parting in spiritual rites. In consequence. she prays for two. her piousness doing up for both her ain and her husband’s weaknesss. A prayerful married woman doubles as her husband’s insurance policy for a topographic point in Eden. In footings of educational makings the national per centum of misss among simple and high school alumnuss is merely somewhat lower than that of male childs. While more work forces than adult females enter college. the sex composing contraries by graduation clip. More adult females than work forces obtain a college grade. a ratio that persists into the alumnus degree. A family’s endurance and wellbeing may depend on its male’s socio-political endowments.

Hence. the female’s chance to pull off resources is derivative of the male’s more footing achievement of obtaining those resources in the first topographic point through hammering mutualist linkages between the powerful rich and powerless hapless. or among societal equals. Next was the Parent-Child Relationship. One school of idea holds that noncompliant young person reflect non so much a justified defeat with the province of the state. but instead laxness on the portion of their parents. A deficiency of love. subject. or counsel is cited as responsible for this fractious militant coevals. Guthrie and Jacobs elaborate on intrasociety differences in their informations on mothers’ comparings of how they were raised. with their mother’s child-rearing techniques. The better-educated adult females tend to avoid superstitious patterns and utilize more current cognition about kids than do the less-educated adult females. In the Philippines. parents non merely position kids as extensions of themselves: they besides feel compelled to do forfeits for their progeny. holding brought them into the universe.

The kids are in bend. expected to be everlastingly thankful for this unasked gift of life. Christian Filipinos describes the ideal kid as above all. considerate of his parents. which means. for the most portion. being regardful to them. Beyond this. he should be diligent in his surveies and work. Sons should endeavor to avoid falling into bad ways while girls should both make this and turn closer to God in religion and piousness. Last were the Extended Kinship and the Nuclear Family. Filipinos accept their household as an terminal in itself. the basic unit that provides emotional intimacy and security to the person. Kinsmen. on the other manus. autumn into a more vulnerable class. Classified beyond the atomic unit. they are sometimes viewed as unneeded constituents in certain economic and political state of affairss. Although the affinity theoretical account enjoys popular support as an analytical construct for the Filipino groupings. it needs extended alteration. For relations do non ever come foremost in the pick of whom one prefers to cover with.

Extended affinity ties retain their significance in so far as they are functional in the society and provided alternate nonkin groupings remain by and large unavailable. Although kin-based economic and political agreements may worsen in the face of more productive. merit-oriented non-kin agreements. their abiding parts to the emotional demands of the single remain undisputed. The challenge to the older coevals will be to understand what young person seeks and to get by with these ends in the context of the full society’s demands. The point of its theoretical foundation was based on fast alterations in our society that chiefly impact the relationship of the household. They interviewed some households and they use it to compose this article. They explain the function of work forces and adult females. the parent-child relationship and the drawn-out affinity and the atomic household based on the consequences of their interview. The chief thesis of the article is how can the Filipino household confronts the modern universe. how can they get by with the alterations in their environment and how can it impact their household relationship. The rule that is present in the article is present in the Philippine context in a manner that changes in our environment affect of how the household interacts with one another.

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