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Productivity is about how good an organisation converts resource inputs into goods or services. I choose this subject of “How to utilize “MALASAKIT and FILIPINO TIME” for Company’s Productivity. to cognize the important of this two Filipino values about the company’s productiveness Using different sort of survey that I will read in the books. Productiveness on the portion of employees is of import because acquiring the occupation done will assist the company’s growing. If the company grows and progresses. net incomes will increase. If net incomes in the company addition. non merely will the foremans be happier but they will engage more people and give rises to those making a good occupation and increase benefits for them. If employees are portion holders in the company they will win even more benefits since their portions will be worth more and they will hold a nice nest egg when they retire. Productivity is good for everyone and of import for a company’s endurance.

Malasakit comes from the root word sakit significance hurting. agony. or that which is of some uncomfortableness ; the prefix mala means “with the glosss of” or “in the likeliness of. ” Loosely translated. it is hence. that which entrails something similar to sing hurting or some signifier of forfeit. But while literally the significance may be valid. much is still lost in the interlingual rendition. For to one who has malasakit. the forfeit that may travel with it is secondary. Beyond a simple willingness to accept uncomfortableness is the primary unconditioned involvement in the object of malasakit.

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Based on the different civilization in the universe. there are two sorts of clip Monochromic and Polychromic. But in the Philippines we are a Polychromatic civilizations because people prefer to prosecute in several activities at basically the same clip ; we are non bothered if we must originate a new undertaking prior to the completion of an ongoing one. Productiveness is a step of your company’s return on investing. Basically. it’s an index of how expeditiously you convert inputs to outputs – in other words. a ratio of what you put in ( labour. natural stuffs or other resources ) to what you get out in the signifier of terminal merchandises or value added.

Chapter 2

The Use of “MALASAKIT” for the Company’s productiveness. When an employee treats the company’s assets in his detention with attention. as if it were his ain. the MALASAKIT becomes the overruling influence. despite whatever extra attempt or trouble it may imply. MALASAKIT may besides be expressed as an involvement in a individual. a thing or an organisation in a manner that would merely be much short of the highest possible degree of an owner’s involvement in it. In the survey of Limuel Caparros affirms the study consequences from Shell demoing that employees do value MALASAKIT extremely and experience they have it for the company for assorted grounds. Caparro’s survey. mentioning the paper of Gregorio V. Barcelona. Jr. describes how a company can maintain the MALSAKIT of its employees alive: 1. The employees must experience the company has MALASAKIT for them.

Filipinos have a great capacity for MALASAKIT. although they may non ever show or exhibit it. One ground for the reluctance may be the consequences of a bad experience they have had in the organisation. 2. There must be a feeling that fundamentally. there is equity in how the company treats its employees. The closest feeling that a FILIPINO could hold of equity can be expressed in “wala dito Air National Guard palakasan. ” There are the prerequisite conditions for the Filipino value Malasakit be kept alive in an organisation. They are necessary but still non sufficient. Having them will non yet guaranteed that malasakit in fact. will be exercised as a full value. Based on the survey of Limuel M. Caparros reveals that a survey’s consequences five major variables which interplay in the procedure in the procedure. viz. : The Company’s MALASAKIT to its employees ; the employees MALASAKIT to the Company and ; The boss’ MALASAKIT to the employees.

This may be illustrated as follows:

Chapter 3

The Use of “Filipino Time” for Company’s Productivity

There are two other categorizations of clip which must be explained to understand Filipino doctrine of clip are those of additive clip and cyclical clip. In the Linear construct. the Filipino defines clip as a sequence of minutes with definite and specific get downing point and stoping point. In the cyclical construct. clip to him is a sequence of minutes without a fixed and definite get downing point or stoping point. When it comes to work and official concern affairs. the norm for the Filipino is to utilize additive clip. For sociables and merrymaking. the norm among Filipinos is cyclical clip. Related to linear and cyclical constructs of clip is the division between cosmic clip and human clip. In the Book of Fr. Leonardo N. Mercado. S. V. D. Filipino is a cosmic clip or cyclic. that is. coiling and dynamic. While the westerner looks on clip in its additive advancement. the Filipino looks at it in its coiling motion. Mercado observed that a spiral ne’er returns to the same point. There is a advancement in coiling gesture. for the new rhythm is non the old rhythm.

For the westerner. clip wasted is gone everlastingly. But for the Filipino. there is ever tomorrow. a doctrine which is reflected in his axioms. such as “paglipas ng dilim may araw stab darating. ” based on the observation of Ramon Locsin Jocson. In companies. if we look at the sum of productive clip lost because of Filipino clip. we would happen that it is about relative to the figure of employees. this neglect of clip is an influence which can be traced back to the Spanish epoch. where the Manana attitude was really common.

Most companies would rectify this pattern through the judicial admission that promptness is a status of employment. this by and large creates an ambiance of misgiving and can potentially do interpersonal clash. people would be given to cover for other people. and this would badly strive our sense of pakikisama. Possibly the best manner would be through motive. employees could be given wagess for coming on clip and. for its portion. direction should put an illustration for its people. Besides. we could look at the incentives or inducements for people to come early. but what is more of import is the creative activity of an ambiance where people look frontward to coming to the office everyday. inducements would merely last during the short term. but through the creative activity of a positive. healthy ambiance and marked with close interpersonal relationships. we could finally antagonize the effects or perceived benefits of coming in late.

Chapter 4Definition of FootingsMonochromic – characterized by a system where things are done one at a clip while Polychromic – Able to schedule multiple undertakings contemporaneously. additive constructs of clip – sequence of minutes with definite and specific get downing point and stoping point cyclical constructs of clip – sequence of minutes without a fixed and definite get downing point or stoping point.

Chapter 5DecisionI there for conclude that the MALASAKIT has a large part to the company’s productiveness because if the workers and the employers has a MALASAKIT to each other they became a good tandem to bring forth a good merchandise it is of import because it allows the concern to be more cost effectual. The more end product a concern has for a specific cause. the cheaper it is to bring forth the merchandise. This in bend allows the concern to hold a higher net income. Its different when it comes of being a Filipino clip of the employees to the company. Filipino Time is a term linked to Filipinos because of their being late wonts. This term describes how Filipinos are normally tardily. In concern. tardiness or being late is non stylish. It is extremely unprofessional. Employees should be known for their committedness in valuing clip. among others. Effective clip direction is developed through old ages of experience. Recommendation

I recommend this research paper for all the employees who do non utilize the Filipino Values Like MALASAKIT for the company and besides for the employees who ever become late when it comes to make their undertaking and responsibilities. Puting the clip for an assignment or agenda. intend it. Make non put the clip in progress. make non get down tardily. and ever retrieve that you intend to get down on clip.


Andres. Tomas D. ( 2001 ) . Enhancing organisational public presentation and productiveness: Management tools and techniques. Quezon metropolis: New twenty-four hours publishing house.

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