Rosa Parks as an Inspiration to Others

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For as long as I can remember, the world has had various of remarkable kindhearted people, but there is no such thing as a perfect world. Therefore, it has also been several evil people in the world. A person that has made a huge positive impact on the equality in the world today is Rosa Parks. Rosa Parks was a civil right activist, born in Tuskegee Alabama who later on moved to Montgomery to live with her parents. Rosa Parks was born on the fourth of February in 1913 and had since a young age been attentive to the racism plaguing the country. The civil right activist was unlike other children in today’s society, facing lots of racism. The white people in her neighborhood got to ride the school bus to school, meanwhile the black pupils had to walk even though there was plenty of seats available in the bus.

Rosa Parks was once riding a segregated bus and the seats were almost packed. Instead of giving up her seat for a white man she showed an act of rejection. This act of emancipation made her into the person she is known for today. The way she stood up against racism and herself in a time where racism had been normalized is truly extraordinary. She wasn’t only a black person living in a racist society, she was also a woman. In those times, living as a woman was much more difficult than it is today. Rosa Parks made a huge impact on the world, both today and at the time she was fighting for freedom. Her stubbornness when she stood up to the man in the bus was the perfect catalyst get people’s attention. Soon after she was out of custody her own activist organization started to boycott the busses in Montgomery. This boycott had in comparison to other protest and boycotts an influence on people and the protests soon spread to other cities and a mass movement was initiated.

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Rosa Parks lived a long and healthy 92 years and died an astonishing woman. She was an inspiration to others and will continue to be so for generations to come. Her fight for equality is unique because she knew what the consequences could have been but took them anyways.

Somebody who didn’t think about the consequences of his actions was Saddam Hussein. Or perhaps he did, and was just evil enough to disregard them. A brutal dictator, president and murderer, that’s just three of the many things the man known as Saddam Hussein was. Saddam was born on April 28, 1937 in Tikrit, Iraq and had a very troubled childhood. He didn’t get a chance to meet his father nor get to know his older brother who died of cancer. These deaths had a huge impact on both Saddam and his mother who got so depressed that she tried to get an abortion when she was pregnant with Saddam, and even attempted suicide. These combined tragedies may have contributed to Saddam’s heinous crimes. Although Saddam’s had rough youth, he still managed to go to law-school for three years before dropping out at age 20 to become a member of Baath-party, a political party that his uncle introduced him to. The immoral president struck fear into the world’s people. Saddam is mostly known for his hurtful methods to get things the way he wanted them, for instance his inhumane ways to eliminate the Kurdish population, nationalize Iraqi oil and keep his regime in power. Saddam is to blame for various of crimes against humanity, but one that made lots of recognition is the Anfal Campaign. This was a campaign against the large Kurdish population in northern Iraq, with the purpose to reassert Iraqi control over the area, in other words to eliminate the Kurdish people permanently. About 200 000 Iraqi troops attacked the area and gathered up civilians to later on divide them into groups, depending on age and gender. Saddam’s troops assassinated women, children and elderly women and buried them in mass graves. Saddam had the blood of approximately 182,000 Kurds on his hands. This campaign is in both my eyes and others an attempt at genocide. Saddam killed, assassinated and imprisoned people, to make himself and his country stronger.

In conclusion, kindness and evil exists in everybody. Saddam Hussein is from what we know an evil person, but has committed acts of kindness that benefit folks and is in many people’s eyes considered good. Evil and kindness is individual and personal, somebody that you see as good may be seen as evil in someone else’s eyes.

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