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Rough Riders Essay, Research Paper

The film ” Rough Riders ” was about the U.S. Calvary during Spanish American war. The chief character is Teddy Roosevelt and he is a brainsick general. The calvary consists of all sorts of work forces. Some are East Coast upper category work forces, others range from premium huntsmans to cowboys, stealers, and Indians. One of the rich work forces is tricked into acquiring on an unbroken Equus caballus, but manages to remain on because of his Polo accomplishments. He rapidly proves that they are non weak. During the developing the General trues to do certain that they remain wild and are non reformed excessively much. This gives the Calvary a singularity to the remainder of the ground forces. One of the Hedera helix leaguers male parents donated them a rapid fire gun. They besides each acquire their ain rifles that were really good for the clip. In the short clip that they have to develop their general attempts to do these civilized work forces into slayers. He has them shoot and knock in Citrullus vulgariss. In the beginning they are hesitating to hit these elephantine fruits, but by the terminal they truly whop them. After there developing they move to Florida where they prepare to go for Cuba. The Spanish position of them is vegetarian dwarfs. I think that this stereotype would give them a large advantage. The American position of the Spanish is that they are bibulous rapers. This stereotype was to acquire the Calvary to believe of them as barbarian and do it easier to kill them. When they got to Cuba they had to assail along with other units in a strategic manoeuvre. They had to travel though the dense wood and assail the Spanish. The first Spaniard that they encounter is in a tree and is changeable merely before he is able to hit them. A iron

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tungsten of the work forces are killed during this conflict including one of the truly rich work forces. He dies with award because his last words show his concern for other soldiers. He asks the adult male next to him if he was all right after acquiring hit with the same slug. One adult male wholly terrors when the adult male infront if him is shooting. He ran off shouting retreat. Through the film immature Roosevelt shows his developing leading qualities. In the beginning of the movie he has problem telling others and shouting, but by halfway through he is a really good leader.

This film shows how Americans wanted to rule their continent during the progressive epoch. It shows how devoted every sort of citizen was, to assisting their state. Each soldier had comparatively nil to derive by contending, but everything to free. They risked their lives for their state. The ground forcess consisted of a really diverse group of Americans from felons to politicians. They all fought for the same cause. Most of the soldiers get along better than expected and go a good squad. They are all really optimistic and demo a good attitude towards the war. They joke and have a batch of merriment during their preparation period. The dominating officer lets them remain rampantly because he thinks that it will assist them during the war. The film besides shows how one of our best presidents came to power. This film shows what Roosevelt did to go a war hero in the eyes of the populace. Before I saw this movie I had no thought what Teddy Roosevelt was like. This movie portrayed him as easy traveling, and really excitable. I think that this film is interesting to watch and besides shows the thoughts and life style of the period.

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