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Salon Management System

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According to Franklin (2013), Management Information System is an organization that requires managing themselves that provides information efficiently and effectively. Management Information System are computer systems that used for managing five primary components which are Hardware, Software, Data, Procedures, and People including individuals, groups or organization. One of the examples of the Management Information System is Salon Management System. “A beauty salon or beauty parlor is an establishment dealing with cosmetic treatments for men and women” (Thompson, 2013). Salon Management includes stock control maintaining customers stock, product inventory and your staff’s payroll.

It is very difficult to manage a salon using the manual system that Salon now a day’s is using. Salon managers have been facing various problems with regards of manually managing a salon. Manually managing a salon may lead to possible loss of records and retrieving files. In using manual system, the payroll of the employee can be difficult to record.

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The monitoring of equipments use in manual system is not efficient.

Too much papers works is also a problem in using the manual system. Edwin B. Samot’s salon is still using the manual Management System. Their manual transaction don’t include receipt and they just noted it in a notebook or record book. They also used manual inventory and manual payroll system. It demands too much paper works and may sometimes lead to loss of records. In using the manual Management System, there are disadvantage for the Salon. As said, Edwin B. Samot’s Salon doesn’t include receipt in their transaction. They just noted it in a notebook. Sometimes the records that are indicated in the notebook may not be accurate. The manual product inventory may not be efficient because not every time the manager don’t check it regularly. The manual payroll is also difficult to handle because it is not accurate. The purpose of this study is to develop a Salon Management System for Edwin B. Samot Salon to avoid the inaccurate and inefficient manual system. Using the computerized Salon Management System will help perform task in an easy and organized way.

General Objective:
The general objective of the study is to develop Management System for Edwin B. Samot Salon-Dasmarinas Branch. The study has the following specific objectives:
1. To design a Management System for Edwin B. Samot Salon-Dasmarinas Branch with the following features: Database for members
Inventory and Product Information
Sales Reporting
Payroll for Employees
Point of Sale
2. To create /construct the system as designed.
3. To test and improve the developed system.
4. To evaluate the performance of the developed system.

This study involves the development of Management System for Edwin B. Samot Salon-Dasmarinas Branch which will be used by the Salon manager. The system will be use for daily transaction of the salon. It will also be use for the reports of sales, client records, equipments and products information and payroll for the employees. This system will help the salon to have an organized management system. Their records will be easy to retrieve and it will avoid the possible loss of records. Their transaction to their customer will be accurate. It will also help in monitoring their equipments used every day. This system will use Visual Basic 6.0. And for the database, it will use Microsoft Access. However, the study is limited to the Edwin B. Samot Salon-Dasmarinas Branch only. The salon manager and the salon cashier will be the allowed operators. This system will not include the appointment schedule of the clients. It will not accept credit cards and it will not use barcodes for the products.

The Salon manager of Edwin B. Samot Salon-Dasmarinas Branch will benefit from this study. It will make his work easier. The Salon manager can manage the salon in a better way. The day to day activities in your salon will perform conveniently. It involves managing clients, which can issue receipt every transaction and automatically save records containing information about the history of the services that you have provided to a customer. It also involves the monitoring of products and equipments that the salon use every day. The payrolls of the employee of the salon can be more efficient with this system.


On the basis of the foregoing concepts, Theories and findings of related literature, studies presented and insights taken from them, a conceptual model is developed as shown below.

INPUTS PROCESS OUTPUT Knowledge Requirements A. Services Offered by the Salon
B. Product Information
C. Sales Reporting
D. Payroll Computation/Formula
Software Requirements
A. Visual Basic 6.0
B. MS Access
C. Adobe Photoshop
Hardware Requirements
System Unit with the following
minimum specifications:

A. Dual core processor
C. 500GB Hard Disk

Figure 1. The Conceptual Model of the Study


Computer system refers to the hardware and software components that run a computer or computers. Point of sale (also called as POS or checkout) is where a retail transaction is completed. Hair Rebond/Relax refers to hair straightening done in the Salon. Cellophane refers to hair coloring.

Keratin/Wella refers to the products use for hair treatment.

Management System for Edwin B. Samot Salon is a system that will manage the salon. It will concentrate with the transaction processing, payroll of the employee, and the inventory of the salon.

Official receipt
Customer details
Payment generated payroll reports generated sales reports

sales data
Service details
Payment details
Employee details
Service details
Customer details

Figure 2. Context Diagram DFD for Salon Management System

New official receipt 4 client files

service details
customer details

service details customer details
Payment details employee details
2 employee files
Generated payroll reportPayroll details

3 Sales files
Generated sales report

Figure 3. DFD Level 1 for Salon Management System

Modified Waterfall Model
Modified model is that the phases in modified waterfall model life cycle are permitted to overlap. Because the phases overlap, a lot of flexibility has been introduced in the modified model of software engineering. At the same time, a number of tasks can function concurrently, which ensures that the defects in the software are removed in the development stage itself and the overhead cost of making changes to the software before implementation is saved.

Figure 4. The Modified Waterfall Model

We use this model in our system because it is flexible and easy to \modify. At the same time making changes to the basic design is also possible, as there are a number of phases active at one point of time. In case there are any errors introduced because of the changes made, rectifying them is also easy because every phase of the model verification and validation step has been added. It can also reduce the number of paper works and we can have more time to do the system.

The following procedures are needed to be performed in order to operate or use the system.

1. Acquire and set up all hardware and software needed.
2. Turn on the computer.
3. Install the system.
4. Click on the shortcut icon for Salon Management System. This shall load the entire system, and pull up the log in screen. 5. Input the username and password.  6. Once logged in successfully, there are options that will appear. Click the Point of Sale button for the transaction of the customer. This includes the client’s information and the services they avail in the Salon. It will include printing of receipt and sales reports. 7. Simultaneously, click on the Product/Equipments button to view the inventory of the products and equipments use by the Salon. You may add, edit and delete products and equipments. 8. Click on the Payroll button for the payroll of the employee. This include the employee’s personal information and how their salary is computed. You may add and update the employee’s information. This also include printing of pay slip of the employee and the payroll reports.

After acquiring all hardware and software needed, the following procedure needs to be performed in order to test the system.
1. Perform program test to make sure that all programs are working. 2. Execute debugging in case of errors or failure to run.
3. Perform system run after all programs or modules are working.

This study will use the CvSU formulated evaluation instrument for instructional materials in evaluating the developed system. The method of evaluation to be used is survey. The respondents of the survey will include 30 customers of the Salon, 10 employees of the Salon, and 2 managers of the Salon. The system will be evaluated based on the following criteria: Functionality, Content, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability, and Saleability. Each criterion will be evaluated in a scale of 1 to 5, where 1 is the lowest and 5 is the highest. Statistics is one way of getting the information organized. To have a general view of the acceptability of the study, statistical tool is used. This also includes the scaling system, which is used as a technique to monitor the respondents’ analysis of the system.

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