San Miguel Corporation Case Study

Areas of Consideration:

Process Consultant

Another important area to be considered in implementing the planning strategy is the selection and roles of the process consultants namely the Corporate Planning Departments of ANSCOR and SMC. Their active participation and support in the implementation of the process is a crucial factor in its success. They will serve as facilitators that will guide the strategic levels to reach a consensus on what steps must be made to accomplish the objectives they’ve set for themselves.

In the formative stage of the implementation, when the teams find themselves in conflict over facts, goals, methods or values; it is the role of the Corporate Planning Department to participate and help the teams work it out. They are responsible for getting the process going and functioning. So, the company needs to choose the members of the planning department carefully. They will be able to do that by picking people possessing great analytical skills and a background in small group learning.


Employees are a vital part of an organization and involving them in the strategic plan would be a big help in the future goals of the organization. Feeling a sense of involvement would motivate the employees to do their work well, thereby leading to the success of the strategy. Also by knowing the company’s strategic plans, employees would be able to align their own goals with those of the company. Since they are the ones who will be the “pawns” to effectively carry out the objectives of the strategic plans, disseminating the tasks to them would be a key step in starting its implementation.


The impact of the strategic plans in the future operation of the two companies should also be taken into consideration. The top management should have an idea of the benefits that it can derive from the results of the plan’s implementation. If they are confident enough that they will earn more than what they have invested during the planning process, they should follow the planning structure while if not, they should revise it and make the needed adjustments. The management should think things through very carefully, assess the risks and benefits associated with the plan before distributing instructions to the different strategic levels.

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