SCOR Model In ACC Cement Company Commerce

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ACC ( ACC Limited ) is Indias first maker of cement and concrete. ACCs operations are spread throughout the state with 16 modern cement mills, more than 40 Ready mix concrete workss, 20 gross revenues offices, and several zonary offices. It has a work force of about 10,000 individuals and a countrywide distribution web of over 9,000 traders.

Since origin in 1936, the company has been a trendsetter and of import benchmark for the cement industry in many countries of cement and concrete engineering. ACC has a alone path record of advanced research, merchandise development and specialised consultancy services. The company ‘s assorted fabricating units are backed by a cardinal engineering support services centre – the lone one of its sort in the Indian cement industry.

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ACC has rich experience in excavation, being the largest user of limestone. As the largest cement manufacturer in India, it is one of the biggest clients of the domestic coal industry, of Indian Railways, and a considerable user of the state ‘s route conveyance web services for inward and outward motion of stuffs and merchandises.

Among the first companies in India to include committedness to environmental protection as one of its corporate aims, the company installed sophisticated pollution control equipment as far back as 1966, long before pollution control Torahs came into being. Today each of its cement workss has state-of-the art pollution control equipment and devices.

Air combat command workss, mines and townships visibly demonstrate successful enterprises in prey rehabilitation, H2O direction techniques and ‘greening ‘ activities. The company actively promotes the usage of alternate fuels and natural stuffs and offers entire solutions for waste direction including proving, suggestions for reuse, recycling and co-processing.

ACC has taken purposeful stairss in cognition edifice. We run two institutes that offer professional proficient classs for technology alumnuss and sheepskin holders which are relevant to fabricating sectors such as cement. The chief donees are youth from remote and backward countries of the state.

ACC has made important parts to the state edifice procedure by manner of quality merchandises, services and sharing expertness. Its committedness to sustainable development, its high ethical criterions in concern traffics and its ongoing attempts in community public assistance programmes have won it acclaim as a responsible corporate citizen. ACC ‘s trade name name is synonymous with cement and enjoys a high degree of equity in the Indian market. It is the lone cement company that figures in the list of Consumer SuperBrands of India.

Make procedure

Description characteristics: Normally, a block and cement production line has six phases:

Phase 1. Natural stuff batching

Phase 2. Concrete blending

Phase 3. Block doing

Phase 4. Block bring arounding

Phase 5. Block cubing

Phase 6. Pallet returning

Phase 1. Natural stuff batching Auto

-aggregate batching works prepqre sand, scree, etc. With needed ratio for sociable

-aggregate belt conveyor carry batched sum to mixer

-cement silo shop cement

-cement screw conveyor carry cement to mixer

-wheel stevedore carry sand, scree, etc. To batching works

Phase 2. Concrete blending Auto

-concrete sociable Prepare concrete for block devising machine

-water scale prepare required sum of H2O to mixer

-cement graduated table prepare needed sum of cement to mixer

-air compressor open the discharge hole of sociable

Phase 3. Block doing Auto

-concrete belt conveyor Carry concrete to storage hopper

-concrete storage hopper Store concrete for block devising machine

-PX-QT/M block doing machine Produce concrete blocks

-hydraulic station provide strong oil force per unit area power for actions of block devising machine

-pallet feeder Provide palette to barricade doing machine

-block conveyor Carry fresh blocks & A ; pallet out from block devising machine

Phase 4. Block bring arounding Mechanical

-movable stacker stack fresh blocks & A ; paver bed by bed from block conveyor

-forklift ( about 2 sets ) Carry blocks & A ; palette to bring arounding country, so to barricade storage country

Phase 5. Block cubing Manual

Phase 6. Pallet returning Mechanical

-forklift carry palettes to pallet feeder

Control Systems 2 PLC

-PLC control system 1, it controls the on the job conditions of sum batching works, aggregate belt conveyor, cement screw conveyor, concrete sociable, H2O graduated table, cement graduated table, and air compressor.

-PLC control system 2, it controls the on the job conditions of concrete belt conveyer, concrete storage hopper, hydraulic station, block devising machine, block conveyor, movable stacker, and palette feeder.

Bring arounding Way Natural Curing II

2 yearss at bring arounding country, be covered by polyethylene sheeting under Sun intervention, so be moved outside to barricade storage country for about 10 yearss before selling

Workers Needed 6

1 for wheel stevedore, transporting sand, scree to batching works ; 1 for stuff batching, concrete commixture and block devising, through runing the control box and cabinets ; 1 for forklift, traveling stacked block palettes to bring arounding country ; 2 for cubing healed blocks together on tray and cod palettes together ; 1 for carry cubed blocks to barricade storage country with forklift, and travel palettes to barricade doing machine.

Human Resources

ACC has a big work force of about 9,000 people, consisting experts in assorted subjects assisted by a dedicated work force of skilled individuals. ACC employees, referred to as the ACC Parivar, come from all parts of the state and belonging to a assortment of cultural, cultural and spiritual backgrounds. ACC employees display a strong sense of trueness to the Company and their particular leading qualities as ‘value-adding ‘ human capital are good known in the industry.

ACC has clearly stated guidelines refering enlisting, expiration, calling promotion, public presentation assessment, professional and employee moralss and codification of behavior. The Company ‘s forces policies and procedures enshrine equal chances to all and non-discrimination with respect to gender, caste, credo, political orientation or other sentiment, whether societal, political or spiritual. Besides ensured is a due procedure for employee audience and engagement in organisational development and policy preparation.

Performance direction

The Company ‘s public presentation direction system is in itself a benchmark that provides ample chances and motivational inducements to employees so as to honor and retain good endowment within the Company. These inducements include Performance Linked Incentives, Good Work Awards, Letters of Appreciation, Particular Increases, Promotions, Nomination to external preparation programmes in India and abroad, public congratulation and grasp. Some workss have Best Employee and Employee of the Month Awards and acknowledgment. Competent employees and those who display aptitude are invited to go Trainers themselves and have Train the Trainer facilitation.

Training and development

ACCs new Performance Management System incorporates a procedure called Competency Assessment and Training and Developmental Needs wherein valuators are specifically called upon to place and measure developing demands of employees at specific intervals that do non co-occur with Performance Appraisals. This is so that developing demands can be assessed objectively. Training is imparted to take attention of an person ‘s calling development every bit good as functional and skill sweetening. Competency and Development preparation inputs include Skill and general public presentation sweetening, communicating accomplishments and Career development. Functional preparation demands are identified and conducted by functional sections while Corporate HR organizes competence and developmental inputs.


ACC has a nationwide spread of 14 modern cement workss. This big web of fabricating units consumes a broad spectrum of inputs – approximately 60,000 different points runing from Coal, Gypsum, Slag, Packaging stuff ( bags ) , Refractories, Steel, Crunching Media, Electrodes, Cables, Bearings, Conveyor Belts, Spares of assorted mechanical, electrical and instrumentality equipment, Mining Equipment and their spares and explosives.

ACC has a vendor base of more than 6000 providers spread across the state.

A squad of professionals at Corporate, Regions and Plant Level manages the procurance map. The map is organized so as to deduce maximal value for the company through economic systems of graduated table from cardinal pooling and procurance of some inputs at the corporate degree while run intoing single operational demands at works degree. The Procurement map comprises a Central procurance squad at the corporate office for the demand of major inputs for the operations of cement workss.

The Ultimate Resource

“ The true index to a Company ‘s illustriousness is non merely its turnover, non merely its quantum of net incomes, but its human resource – The Ultimate Resourceaˆ¦ backed by a loyal and dedicated work force – your Company has proved itself an expert in the direction of alteration. Its success will be judged non simply by the market value of its portions, but by the pride of topographic point your Company occupies in the Black Marias and heads of the people it seeks to function. ”

Manufacturing Excellence

We strive to retain our place as India ‘s first maker of cement and concrete with a nationwide corsage of 16 modern cement mills that have a capacity of 26 million metric tons per annum, to be increased to 30 million metric tons by the terminal of this twelvemonth. Captive power workss play a critical function in supplying cost-effective and effectual supply of quality power to our workss.

Our cement workss now meet 70 % of their entire power demands through confined coevals.

We have initiated stairss to show in excellence in our fabrication and excavation operations by continuously upgrading engineering and procedures and through preparation and development of the works squad to instill and prolong a thin fabrication attack. Safety is given overriding importance. Effort is taken to prosecute with our dedicated and skilled work force so as to maintain them motivated and involved in efficient works operations and productiveness betterment. Our fabricating units are backed by a cardinal engineering support services Centre in Thane near Mumbai which encourages sharing of proficient know-how and expertness to be abreast of planetary benchmarks.

Supply Chain

ACC is proud of its big supply concatenation managed by an energetic gross revenues force from an extended spread of gross revenues offices crossing India, a country-wide web of extremely motivated channel spouses consisting more than 9000 dedicated traders complemented by a concatenation of retail merchants.

They are supplied ACC cement by rail and route from our cement workss supported by efficient authorized route conveyance contractors who assure express bringing.

Warehouses in intermediary locations guarantee uninterrupted supply to remotely placed clients. ACC Concrete has more than 40 Ready Mixed Concrete workss in the major metropoliss of India which supply fresh concrete to our clients ‘ doorsills through our ain fleet of theodolite sociables. Our Bulk Cement terminus at Kalamboli, near Mumbai caters to the demands of Mumbai and its environments, through its ain dedicated fleet of bulkers and site storage installations.

The challenge before our supply concatenation is to guarantee uninterrupted supply of high quality cement and concrete backed by efficient logistics and transit.


Planning has been done at the top degree direction.

Beginning and do

Suppliers have been given the natural stuff list to present and doing procedure has been written at the 2nd page.

Deliver and return

Now the delivering procedure is really simple harmonizing to the orders of the companies they deliver the whole merchandise means cement. But if the cement is non of good quality because of some echt ground or the weight in the cement poke. So the company demand back the faulty merchandise and direct the cement poke back.

At the provider portion if you ask so supplier present natural stuff on accurate clip and harmonizing to the season and if there is any ailment in the natural stuff so the provider take it back and direct other new stuff.

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