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Screenplay critique

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Many problems arise with each character but the most important are those of Frond and Argon. Frond must Get through Mirror to Mount Doom to destroy the One Ring, and Rag ran must look within himself and realize he is the one true ruler and he will be the King of the Men believe the theme of The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King is The Imp ordnance of Redemption and Mercy. Redemption and mercy is shown through the whole movie but only by a few characters.

The first key that shows you is the change in the protagonist.

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Screenplay critique
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From o and Sam take the physical journey to Mirror but they are following the lead of Googol who is making their life more difficult and harder but throughout all of it Frond has willingly shown him mere icy and has given him far many choices than most would do. Sam has seen Glum’s treachery and wan TTS to leave him or even kill him but Frond was always about seeing Googol as how he could be not for what he was.

Another key is the dialogue that goes on between Sandals and Demeanor.

Den ether is the squire who has taken charge of Minas Thrift while the Prince Farmer has been gone at battle. Farmer Shows up at the gate with an arrow, shot by a Unusual, in him. Demeanor thinks of him as a son and thinks Farmer is dead so performs a ceremonial pyre to burn the prince and himself f at. Before setting fire to himself and the prince, Sandals barges in and tries to convince Demeanor out f his wicked way. Sandals finally says, “Demeanor I have given you many chances but this is the last. Make the right choice or will! Demeanor does not, Sandals saves Farmer and lets Demeanor die. Sandals could do nothing but watch as Demeanor refuses the offer of redemption and leaps oft he tower, falling to his death Symbols used in The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King were limitless. The three most important, in my opinion, would be The One Ring to Rule Them All, the great c itty Minas Thrift, and the sword And;rill. The Ring is the reason this all started, it is the ambiguity of vile in the movie. It symbolizes both power and the horror of the man responsible of creating it, Sharon.

Minas Thrift is the symbol of hope for humankind. The city sits the closest to Mirror and is the final barrier that must be breached for evil to win. The sword And;rill, originally name Marlins, symbolizes Argons true power and lineage. Argon’s ancestor used that sword to defeat Sharon in the begin inning which created this whole story. The sword was broken and was reformed. Argon carrying that s word proves that he is the King of Men, and only the truth king can wield it. Also Argon used the sword to command the Army of the Dead, the one thing that that can kill them.

One of the many examples that reflects human condition is the friendship bet when the fellowship, the bond of their brotherhood. The fellowship has been through e everything together from hardship to hardship, yet they stay together and battle together to defend each h other to the death. Nothing can be more human than the friendship and bonds you make with tot hers. They Have been together to the end of their quest and till the end further. The friendship of the e fellowship has been there and back again.

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