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Self Awareness Research Paper

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  • Pages 3
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    The point of this paper is to discuss the concept and significence of intrapersonal communication and preception and its revelence to social care practice. Every minute we attempt to make sense of information we recieve from our environmemt by sending explanations to ourselves. The ability to communicate with ourselves helps one gain an awareness of the the world around us the and needs of other people. Hargie dickson (2004)

    By improving our self awareness we can use this skll and knowledge then in a professional setting to enhanse the lives of others This is particuraly essential while working within the social care profession we need to be aware of our strengths and weeknessess where empathy is required to undersatnd indiduals emotions and concerns. The importance of perception will also be discused so that we can get an understanding of it how it is neccessary to pocess an ability to see things through hearing, sight and to interpet and understand what they mean.

    Intrapersonal Comuniacation and Emotional Intelligence

    Makes us understand ourselves so that we become better fSelf awareness is Intrapersonal Communication is about how nonverbal messages are sent either by intention or not. Can be through kinestics …. Body language and the actual distance between people ie proxemics . body language may simply reinforce a statement or define an entire conversation. Frank E. X. Dance and Carl E. Larson, By practicing self -awareness we become aware of our inner voice and how we observe our internal and external environments. Self talking is being conscious of one’s own feelings and inner voices and the emotions of others By doing this we can attempt to understand how we keep our emotions under control Hergie dickson (2004) In order to for one to communicate with other people it is essential that they firstly can interpret what their own inner voice is saying. Vocate, D. (Ed.). (1994) In social care practice it is important to be able to make decisions without using prejudices or being influenced by our negative experiences.

    Self awareness is being conscious of one’s feelings, inner voices in addition to the emotions of others. It helps us recognise our strengths and weaknesses so we become more aware of our feelings and learn how to keep them under control. How we interpret data influences how we respond to situations and how we deal with them. looking at oneself and tuning in to things that will help you as a scp events will affect you so you need to be able to analysis your own beliefs and points of view in order to have the right frame of mind to help people. If we want to communicate effectively with people it is crucial that we understand what our inner voice is saying. According to Vocate, D. (Ed.). (1994). how we feel about ourselves is directly connected to what we think about others and our understanding of what’s going on in the environment about us.

    Through our inner voice we learn how to become self-confidence and fruitful in our lives by we can training ourselves so we can achieve an understanding of ourselves so to enable us to confront our negative thoughts and enhance our positive ones. We must learn and become aware of what these inner voices are saying so we can make sence of the world. Vocate, D. (Ed.). (1994). Intrapersonal Communication. New York: Routledge,

    We do this by identifying an area of of our lives that we they are critical of Hergir dickson 2004. 225 Finding ways to reduce stress at work would have benefits for both professionals and service users. 3 self awareness Journal NS388 Jack K, Smith A (2007) Promoting self-awareness in nurses to improve nursing practice. Nursing Standard. 21, 32, 47-52. Date of acceptance: March 8 2007. Being self aware enables us connect with others Jack K, Smith A (2007) and become aware of our own strengths and our weeknessness, areas in which we can improve. In turn we as social care practioners use these skills when working in a advocating setting. By knowing how our emotions could effect how we might react to clients negitively self awareness better equips us to analysis our preceptions and feelings so that we have a good outcome. In social care practice we will encounter occassions when we will feel challenged. self awareness will enable us to identify the skills we have or have not and so enable us to manage. Self awareness can be effective in clients gaining trust and emphatically.

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