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Separating the Components of “Panacetin”

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Panacetin supposedly includes saccharose.

acetylsalicylic acid. and Datril. However. the truth of Panacetin’s contents has been called into inquiry by the Association for Safe Pharmaceuticals.

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Separating the Components of “Panacetin”
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Therefore. the lab must detect the truth of the ingredients listed on Panacetin’s label. The unknown in this experiment is presumed to be something similar to acetaminophen. such as phenylacetamide or acetophenetidin.

Recrystallization and runing point temperature were used to assist place the unknown in Panacetin.Recrystallization removes drosss as a substance goes through physical transmutations from a solid to a liquid and back to a solid.

As the solid reforms as a crystalline construction. it does so without incorporate any drosss that may hold been present in the initial substance.

Pure substances have specific runing points that can help in designation. However. if the substance is non pure. the runing point will be lower than expected.

The substance will besides hold a wider runing point scope.95 gms of Panacetin and 50 milliliter of methylene chloride.

This mixture was so used pull out the sucrose via gravitation filtration. To divide the acetylsalicylic acid.

the lab used two separate parts of Na hydrogen carbonate. Two different liquid beds formed. one with an aqueous solution and the other with the organic methylene chloride. The aqueous solution was so separated into one container and the methylene chloride solution into another.

The lab so added HCl to the aqueous solution until it was acidic. making a pH-2. The aqueous solution was so cooled and the acetylsalicylic acid precipitate was separated. To insulate the unknown.

the lab heated the methylene chloride solution to vaporize the dissolver until merely the unknown remained. It was so heated to take wet and weighed.Chemical Reactions Procedure: The process in the lab text 1was followed. However.

beakers were used alternatively of flasks in dividing the methylene chloride mixture. Furthermore. the separation of acetylsalicylic acid needed to be done twice due to miscommunication in respect to the isolation procedure for dividing the aqueous and organic beds.

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