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The high points of the service and shortcomings are identified. The project also lays out recommendations to improve the existing service. Tag is their flagship brand for the world’s most extravagant travelers seeking unique experiences and for those to whom luxury is a way of life. Spanning world-renowned landmarks, modern business hotels, serene beach resorts, authentic Ragout palaces and rustic safari lodges, each Tag hotel reinterprets the tradition of hospitality in a refreshingly modern way to create unique experiences and lifelong memories.

Viviane by Tag Hotels & Resorts span options for travelers across metropolitan cities, commercially important centers as well as some of the exotic vacation spots. Viviane by Tag delivers premium hotel experiences with imagination, energy & efficiency. It is created for the cosmopolitan global traveler, to amuse, invigorate & inspire travelers. Viviane strives Innovative cuisine concepts, the smart use of technology & the challenge to constantly engage, energize and relax their customers that all add up to making an effort to create Viviane by Tag the new signature in hospitality.

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Viviane Fisherman’s Cove Fisherman’s Cove, Achaean is built on the ramparts of an old Dutch fort. It is a charming beach resort that’s almost one with the Bay of Bengal with renewed outages and villas, the nouvelle restaurants, the high energy bar, and the spa. Seagull Restaurant This all day dining restaurant overlooking the pool serves multi-cuisine dishes with Continental, Chinese and Indian variety, offering popular weekend buffets on Saturday and brunches on Sundays. With a casual ambiance and open, interactive kitchens and inside/outside dining that overlooks the pool.

Seagull offers buffet and a-la-carte menu with Chef’s specialties. And in the words of Tag Viviane, “Enjoy it all, while you are looked after with the finest service. Always attentive. Never obtrusive. Cuisine type: All-day dining multicasting Location: At lobby level overlooking the swimming pool Hours: 24 her Reservations: Recommended for Sunday Brunch Attire: Smart Casual Seating Capacity: 112 covers Components of Service Blueprint Physical evidence Physical evidence includes all the tangibles that customers are exposed to that can influence their quality perceptions.

Valet Parking Signs Hostess Uniform Waiting area Din ins area/Table Buffet Counters – Salad Bar, Soup Bar, Starters, Main Course, Live Pasta counter Bar and Desert Food Appearance and description of every item Hot plates at counter and cutlery placed on table Positives: The parking attendant was present at the main door to direct the customers towards the parking area. The decor ambiance was appropriate as per the Tag standards with the presence of furnished sofas and glass tables, pool table in the lobby area. The presentation of food was appropriate with proper name tags.

The menu had a wide variety of cuisines and drinks. Loopholes: There was no waiting area: – The customers who didn’t get a table in the restraint have no alternative option in terms of waiting area. Absence of soft sic inside the restaurant: -As per the standards of Tag, soft music was expected in the dining area. Absence of sign boards which indicates the presence Of snack counter. This leaves the customers clueless about the place from where order could be placed for snacks. Customer Action (Line of Interaction) This component consists all the steps customer takes as part of the service delivery process.

This element is always on top of the service blueprint Arrival at the resort Reach restaurant Book a table Wait till table is provided Seated at the table Collect food from counters Order starters and bread Receive food and Eat Ask for bill and pay Receive change and leave The process of placing order was convenient. The order was placed without consuming much time. Loopholes: In case of no reservation made, the customers have to wait if there was no availability of table. The customers should provide candid feedback even in the absence of a feedback mechanism in place.

On stage (Contact person) This element is separated from the customer actions by a ‘line of interaction’. These actions are face-to-face actions between employees and customers. Received by Valet Greeted by Hostess and information about waiting time Seated by Hostess, provides information about buffet Serve water Refill buffet counters Take orders for starter and bread Serve food Clear dishes Provide bill on request Collect payment Greet customer – Thank you! Presence of waitress at the entrance to receive the customers: – The customers are greeted by the waitress with a smile and their names are being asked.

This attention at the very initial level gives customer a feel of being valued. The staffs were friendly in term of suggesting cuisines as per the customer’s suitability and preference. The service recovery mechanism was quick in case any mistake was committed on part of the staff at Tag Viviane. The bill receipt and payment mechanism was smooth as well as transparent. The food is served in an appropriate manner, with snacks being served first and then food. The dishes are placed in a systematic manner on the table.

Absence of welcome drinks: – Tag Viviane lacks arrangements in terms of welcome drinks for customers at the time of entry to the restaurant. The Tag staffs were slow in the process of clearing dishes. The customers, at times eve to wait for the dishes to get cleared in order to move to the next dish. Lack of any feedback mechanism in place: – Absence of feedback acts as a downside on all sides, the staff as well as the customers. The staffs don’t get to know about the shortcomings observed by the customers in the services offered by them.

Backstage (Contact person) The ‘line of visibility’ separates the Onstage from the Backstage actions. The customers can see everything that appears above the line of visibility, while everything under the line of visibility is invisible to customers. Check availability of table Server notified of new table Kitchen is notified about food items to be refilled at the Buffet counter Notify server to refill the dishes Kitchen receives order Notify server when dish is ready Process bill and payment Positives: The backbend staff responded well to the orders and the service was quick.

The food was prepared well and was served hot. Loopholes: Tag lacks technological advancement in terms of taking orders. The kind of price that is charged from the customers, an efficient and time saving order taking process is expected to be in place with the help of I-pads or other technological means. Support process: The ‘internal line of interaction’ separates the contact employees from the support processes. These are the activities carried out by individuals and units within the company who are not contact employees. These facilitate the service delivery.

Valet Parking Table reservation system Prepare food Clean-up system Process payment Absence of an appropriate reservation system in place. A good reservation system is expected to be in place in case of a 5-star. No feedback system in place. Serviceable for Seagull Seagull is a well lit restaurant with natural lighting across the lounge. The center of the restaurant offers a Chandelier lighting that spreads across the entire restaurant. At the entrance of the restaurant, there is a four seat sofa set for waiting customers.

Kids were being offered balloons and Menhaden sessions for women. Two attendants, one, the floor manager and a female staff were placed at the gates of the restaurant to welcome guests and make reservations. The restaurant was narrow and long lounge styled, with wall paintings themed in modern art. There were about ten staff members in Indian styled lemon colored uniforms. The restaurant had an open kitchen here guests could request for their dishes and can watch the dishes being prepared inferno of them.

Try to analyses the physical layout of your restaurant from customers’ perspective. Emphasis on areas of improvement. Prepare a list of things that are essential to be changed according to the feedback given by the customers and ask your employees for suggestions. 2. Train Take sufficient time to train your employees to do the job you hired them to do. Train employees gradually, how to interrelate with customers including how to make a great first impression, project a positive and cheerful attitude, monomaniac effectively and build relationships with customers.

Encourage them to think like a customer care, which goes outside the simple service. The care approach comprises such simple steps like smiling at them as well as measures such as anticipate the needs of customer, refilling water glasses time to time or bringing extra napkins for customers who order messy finger food. Timing is another aspect of customer care, Serve drinks and appetizer punctually, minimize the time between courses and don’t clear away dishes before the customer has had time to finish the meal. 3. Develop Teamwork

For management prospectus, it is necessary for them to spend time with their employees and try to find out the problems they are facing in serving the customers and listen to them. Keep employees informed and include them in solving problems and making decisions as well. Create an atmosphere of support and cooperation, praise employees when they help each other and always try to focus on “We” rather than on “l” or “You. ” 4. Follow up It is a responsibility of a manager to be there in the restaurant and observe that everyone is working together to provide the level of service customer expect from them.

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