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The trade name “Taj Hotels Resorts and Palaces” includes 59 hotels across India and 17 hotels in international locations. The hotels are grouped into 3 classes – Luxury, Leisure and Business. The Taj Luxury Hotels offers extravagantly beautiful adjustment, epicure forte eats houses and bars, fittings Centre and watering place. Taj believes in constructing that their core merchandise is infinite. This infinite is complemented by the services they provide like the eating houses, wellness nine, feasts, discotheque, saloon, concern Centres etc. Their other auxiliary merchandise besides includes travel agreements, fining, airport pickups, sightseeing etc.

Tower Wing Suites: With easy entree to the Business Centre, these modern-day suites offer guests comforts like Internet connectivity, 2-line talker phones with international direct dial installation and voice mail. Mini saloon, personal safe, channel music and telecasting satellite programs.

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Heritage Flying Suites: These suites are renowned for their architecture and exude an aura of old-world elegance. Each corridor in this Wing resembles an art gallery, and the design, decor and furnishing guarantee that no two sites are likewise. Guests have a pick of suites that overlook the metropolis or pool or face the Gateway of India and the Arabian Sea.

Taj Club: Located on the top floors of the Heritage Wing, Taj Club is designed for the discerning concern traveler. Guest comforts and services include complimentary airdrome limousine transportations, private check-in at the Club desk, in-room facsimile, personal safe, a complimentary bottle of vino, gentleman service and complimentary deluxe Continental breakfast. Taj Club besides offers invitees sole Meeting Rooms and a Business Service Unit on the Club Floor.

Suites: Choose from elegantly appointed Junior Suites, Executive Suites, tastily decorated Large Suites, freshly renovated Luxury Suites or broad, lavish Grand Luxe Suites. The finest suites at The Taj Mahal are the luxuriously appointed Presidential Suites. Each of these suites is decorated with original pictures and old-timers that transport invitees into a universe of imperial luxury and magnificence.

The Broadband radio, Internet entree at choice Taj hotels: Now when you stay at choice Taj hotels in Mumbai (including The Taj Mahal Hotel ), New Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad, you no longer necessitate to be in your room or at the Business Centre to utilize the Internet. Multiple ‘hot musca volitanss’ located across the hotels lets you acquire onto the Internet from about any topographic point in the hotel – rapidly.

Facilities and Services: Swimming pool, beauty parlor, Barber store, travel desk, auto lease, pastry store, book store, shopping arcade, currency exchange, doctor-on-call and baby sitting. Complimentary usage of steam, billiards, tennis and table tennis on petition. 24-hour room service and laundry service.

Taj maintains that their monetary values are high and non low-cost by all, and this is done to extenuate and pull off assorted operating expenses that it incurs and the superior quality that it offers. The Taj offers the above-the-world-class services and serves the best quality and besides incurs overhead disbursals.

The mark audience that the Taj caters to are the one ‘s who come to the Taj for it’s atmosphere and universe category criteria, therefore they say that their monetary values are justified as they help The Taj retain the exclusivity that it stands for and keep the Brand Image.

Equally far as topographic point is concerned, all the Taj services and installations are provided at one point. They don’t believe in sharing construct. To guarantee timely bringing their services, they have preset procedures in topographic point and in instance of failure or hold of service, they have built in extenuation schemes and have trained their staff adequately to pass on the hold to the client in the right mode. In the instance of dislocation of the lift, the Room Service makes use of the lift on the other wing to guarantee seasonably bringing to the client.

To guarantee standardization in their services, they have Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), e.g. the nutrient that is served in the eating house will be of the same quality and gustatory sensation at any given twenty-four hours and clip.

The Taj Mahal Palace & A; Tower, Mumbai, a 105-year old heritage hotel, is the flagship hotel of the Taj group. This hotel was one of the chief marks of terrorists during the 26 November 2008 bombardments of Mumbai and was badly damaged. As a consequence, it was put under seal until it is clear of any security and safety hazards that might hold resulted from the onslaughts. The company had publically claimed that it will to the full reconstruct the resort merely as it was earlier.

Taj on a regular basis comes up with assorted moneymaking offers during extremum season and off-season such as Taj Holiday Summer Package to tout tenancy in their hotels A.

Promotional strategies are carried out on a regular basis and the hotel has many train plans, nines, rank previlages etc. Some of them are:

  • The Taj Inner Circle.
  • The Taj Junior League.
  • The Taj Club.

A They carry out their publicities by agencies of Calendars, a monthly news-sheet of kinds is sent to their ‘Inner Circle Customers, ‘ informing them about their approaching events. Taj takes a portion in assorted exhibitions wherein they promote their vacation bundles.

The architecture and the whole construction of The Taj hotels is well designed, besides to guarantee that the clients get elated. The Taj in Mumbai has an ancient looking architecture which connects with traditionally in clients. The suites are the province of the art and have been made to guarantee maximal comfort low-cost to the particular targeted client. The uniforms of all the employees are keen and heighten the image of the hotel. The assorted subdivisions of the hotel are made to pull clients and travel with the trade name image of the Taj.

Taj has assorted professional people to manage its clients and to give a high service to its clients like:

  • Skilled individual
  • Professional individual
  • Personal Agents
  • Technological individual
  • Travel agents

As the Taj has employed adequate professionals for functioning its clients so there are less opportunities in its service bugs.

Major services are:

  • Check – in.
  • Bell individual transporting baggage to the room.
  • Food.
  • Wake up calls
  • Checkout.

These are the chief procedures that all hotels perform, but in the instance of The Taj many more procedures are at that place as assortment of services are offered to its clients which make them happy.

The Taj Group of hotels in India, promoted by Tata Motors, may shortly add the Tata Nano to their list of chauffeur-driven vehicles used to ferry hotel invitees. Indian Hotels Corporation Limited (IHCL), the proprietor of the Taj trade name, is already utilizing Jaguar saloons to transport VIPs. It offers a scope of transit options for both economic system and luxury travel. The Tata Nano is being considered as an option as it may be of involvement to invitees from outside India, who will hold to wait another twelvemonth to drive the auto in their ain states.

Taj can update and modify the suites harmonizing to different client sections i.e they can increase or diminish figure of room types harmonizing to the demand of the clients. During busiest times of the twelvemonth i.e gay seasons or vacations or summers etc, Taj can allow clients cognize through their web site or on the response every bit good so as to let them to switch their demand to another clip if possible. The particular services offered by Taj like Jiva Spas etc can be set harmonizing to different client categories and the clip of the services can besides be set consequently so as to supply the service handily and without fuss.

Taj can set price reduction during the off season so as to counterbalance for lower demand. Besides, during peak seasons, they can boost the monetary values so as to extenuate the higher demand. For the particular services provided like babe sitting, pet services, spas, etc, the Taj can offer these with drawn-out hours of proviso, can engage more employees. Taj can besides spread out the suites or suites so as to suit more clients, i.e. redevelopment can be done to suit increased figure of suites.

The Hospitality industry is a really moneymaking 1 for possible employees and therefore, Taj can engage more work force on the portion clip footing. The pupils from Hotel Management class can intern in the Taj and at the same time function as the portion timers. Another facet can be outsourced. Though the nucleus services should non be outsourced, the excess services can be outsourced to assorted companies e.g the cyberspace services, the watering place etc. can be outsourced to aline the capacity with demand fluctuations. Among employees, executives and those on basic managerial degrees.

Taj can match the services offered along with the suites or suites so as to guarantee a specific demand for a specific combination of suites and services and therefore command the demand harmonizing to capacity.

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