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Sex Is It All Matters

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“Is Sex All That Matter” by Joyce Garity, in her article she talks about how sex is the only thing people find pleasure. A girl named Elaine who lives with family of wife husband and their kids for couple of months. Elaine was also pregnant with her second child and first one was in foster care. Her first pregnancy was a mistake, and she was not sure who baby’s father was, after having sex with couple of sex partner.

When Elaine was familiar with Garity she asked about her personal life.

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Sex Is It All Matters
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Ms. Garity came up of why she was not using birth control and she was embarrassed and explained “that it wasn’t romantic, “you could be really passionate about it” she explained. Later when she was gone Ms. Garity was thinking about her when she went to salon for her hair cut while she was going through some beauty magazines. While she was looking at that she realize that how magazines trumpet sexuality page after leering page.

How girls show their bare legs and don’t wear anything below crotch.

Moving on she turn over couch page and saw models being naked to advertise their fragrance also wearing nail polish lying in bed. She remembered all this because Elaine use to love all this magazines and everybody loves looking at those magazines too. Looking at these magazine images and, soap-opera heroines gave her good idea to be like Claiborne’s she sees a way of life as her life supposed to be. Elaine sees the world as sexual and playful. People don’t worry about such problems such as birth control and spend much time thinking about other such topics or whether they should act of their sexual impulse.

Years and years of exposure to this media-invented Elaine sets the image of sexual and attempts to mirror those images all those left her pregnancy. Elaine wasn’t the first one for selling their sex to sell underwear. People use sex as their sales tools and try to put their demand on high position. Young people are immersed from their earliest days and the article says that 75 percent of the high schools boys lost their virginity are regarded as an embarrassing vestige of childhood.

And girls wear lace legging and crop tops to expose to boys. Late in earlier their use to be in sex education as part of curriculums but it was on birth control and sperms, eggs and condoms. Surely teen agers need factual information provided by sex education course. As the article mentioned that no one has told Elaine that what she was doing in her life. After reading this and writing a summary about it, I feel that it was really sad that how people expose themselves and use sex as a tool.

Before it was all about people’s style and clothing and knows people don’t put an eye on clothing, they just ignore it and focus on nudity. I have mentioned on more than one occasion my objection to and questioning of nudity in fashion and may have even referred to myself as a prude, but what I really object to is excessive and gratuitous nudity and maybe even sexuality in fashion. So many kids are mistakes these days it’s like all people care about is sex and drugs and alcohol.

The world was never perfect but people are taking advantage of sex and using it like it’s a game when it’s supposed to be a special thing that brings two people that are in love closer to one another and marriage should be when sex starts and it should one show that you love your partner and that you have deep feelings for them that you want to start a family with them. Now sex is all about getting drunk, partying, and it’s like a one night stand thing now, with these teens having babies. This world is all messed up. There are a higher percentage of teen pregnancies than there’s ever been.

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Sex Is It All Matters. (2016, Oct 19). Retrieved from https://graduateway.com/sex-is-it-all-matters/

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