Sexual Dimorphism Animal Arctic Fox

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In this experiment we are looking at whether the Arctic fox is a sexual dimorphism animal by looking at the temporalis (RAOT) & mechanical advantage (MA). For Eulampis jugular (humming bird), females have a bent beak more than males because they are the ones that feed their young. For crotaphytus (lizard), males have bigger jaw and that is because they fight of predators.

For the last hypothesis, it was looked at Hogna helluo (spider), females have a fang width than males and that is because they produce more venome to protect themselves and their young. You can find sexual dimorphism in almost all species. This lab is done to see if the artic fox especially canines’ is sexually dimorphic species and this is done by analyzing both genders feeding structures; measuring canines’ bite force and width of both females and males. Introduction Sexual dimorphism can be defined as a phenomenon in which several differences exist between males and females of the same species in a given population.

Body structure, size, color, and shape that result from the inheritance of sexual patterns in the genetic material are some of the few differences that lead to sexual dimorphism. This phenomenon is very common in nature and its topic is very important to evolutionary biologists because it provides the necessary information on species, as well as natural selection and evolution. Other information such as intersexual food competition and reproductive role division are also provided from the studies of sexual dimorphism (Hedrick and Temeles 1989). The second part of the experiment, the mechanical advantage of the skulls was calculated.

Using a pair of calipers, the length of the in-lever arm (LILA) was measured by taking the distance between the tip of the mandibular condyle. The length of the out-lever arm (LOLA) was also measured by taking the distance between the tip of the mandibular condyle and the base of the anterior edge of the base of the canine. The…

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