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Shorter school days

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Shorter School Days

Teachers, have you ever wonder actually how much homework some of you give students? Well, it is a lot. Students need shorter school days to finish homework assignments and to go to bed on time. Students have other activities to do outside of school. These students need time to rest after their activities and homework are done. They should be able to go to bed at a decent hour.

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Shorter school days
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Students have extracurricular activated two to three times a week or more even.

An extracurricular activity takes a lot of time out of the afternoon. Sports can take up to 3 hours or more each day. Then students don’t have a lot of time to do homework, eat dinner, take a shower, or even go to church because it could be seven or eight o’clock before they get home. Most of the time extracurricular activities can make people tired. In activities, students have to work hard to be good at the activity, so students can get really lazy with not doing their homework or doing it in the class before.

Someone anonymous says: Students are in school about seven hours a day. After school, many of these students participate in extra-curricular activities, such as sports, clubs, theater or volunteering.

Although academic work is vital, these extra-curricular activities are also significant for students because they teach responsibility and teamwork. In fact, most colleges require a wide variety of activities for incoming freshman students. But these important activities are often squeezed out by time in school and with homework. These three examples are reasons why students should have a shorter school day.

Almost every student has homework every night. Homework can last up to one to three hours a day and it can make a student slack off. Brains work 6 hours a day with classwork, tests, etc. Brains need a break before they have to their homework. Homework is just another thing to think about when the bell rings to go home. It is definitely what no one wants to do right when they get home. They want to be able to rest and feel like they don’t have to hurry to get all of their homework done.

An author by the name Rachel D. says: By shortening the school days, students wouldn’t be as distressed about going to school and their grades would be higher. Fewer school hours per day would permit students to have enough time to study, complete school assignments, participate in after-school activities and be able to get to bed by a decent hour. These three examples would be good reasons to let students have shorter school days.

Almost all students get a small amount of sleep a night with school starting early and with homework keeping students up at night. Sleep time can help people with not sleeping in class and missing notes or a lecture a teacher is telling you because you had so much homework you didn’t have that much time to sleep. If we have shorter school days people wouldn’t be late to school, they wouldn’t get detentions for a assignments that they didn’t finish and they had to turn it in late, or even getting caught for copying someone else homework or cheating on a test because you were up all night studying but you still didn’t get and you wanted to get a good nights rest so you went to sleep without studying for have of the test so you copy the answers from one of your friends.

After school gets out students who have church on Wednesday’s have to start getting ready for church so they eat and don’t have much time for homework. Most church’s let out at about eight to nine o’clock and once church has let out you go home and get ready for bed and then start on your homework. It’s usually late and your probably tired so some student might decide not to this or or this one and end up going to bed with only part of their homework done.

Teachers I hope that you realize that students need shorter school days. Ii could even help you have time with your family and you could make a nice dinner and have a family game night. Teachers realize that we as students have extracurricular activities, homework, and a bed time that should be reasonable so we aren’t sleeping in your class. Teachers you should also want a shorter school day. Aren’t you tired of us by three o’clock? Us students would think you would be. You start to get cranky and start yelling at us students sometimes.

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