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Should caffeine be banned for minors

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Is caffeine that much of a necessity to minors, if so should it be banned? Caffeine is actually a drug. But In our society this drug is considered safe and people don’t really consider it as a drug. This is because most people drink coffee, tea, soft drinks, and all other things that have caffeine. They use this for the boost of energy in the mornings and to go without drowsiness or fatigue during the day. Kids don’t really drink coffee which has a lot of caffeine, they drink sodas and rarely energy rinks.

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Should caffeine be banned for minors
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There is no supporting evidence of caffeine harming children. Teenagers use caffeine for school and everyday life. If they drink it moderately nothing bad will happen, because like anything if you abuse it, it is going to be bad for you. So caffeine is a necessity to minors but it shouldn’t be banned because to is useful. Now let’s talk about children, not teenagers.

They think coffee is really gross, and rarely I have known a kid that likes coffee. Children do drink many soft drinks.

These arbitrated drinks like Coca-Cola have a pretty good amount of caffeine. Many kids like drinking a lot of this but parents usually don’t let kids drink that many sodas. So children don’t drink that much caffeine so it shouldn’t be a problem to their health. This insures that banning caffeine to children would be irrelevant. The biggest issue is the teenagers. Most of them drink coffee and energy drinks with an abundant amount of caffeine in them. They also drink a lot of sodas which are high in caffeine.

That is the biggest reason why people want caffeine banned for minors. Well when teenagers are in high school they have to deal with a lot of homework and projects. This will make them have shorter sleeping hours and they will need a burst of energy, something to keep them up. That is why they turn to caffeine, which isn’t a bad drug, it actually it helps them stay awake for homework and concentrate better in classes. The positive effects of caffeine is the increase in concentration, decrease in fatigue, and having a better memory.

Like I have stated before students in high school use caffeine to do better in classes and get that homework and projects done. Caffeine isn’t really a harmful drug and there has been no recorded overdoses ever. It is one of the most useful drug in the world because most of the people in the world use it. They get that boost of energy they need. So if it helps adults all over the world why does it have to be banned for minors who need it as much as adults? In conclusion caffeine is a wonder drug. It has no really bad symptoms except it is addicting.

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