Siemen’s Clicks with Click2Procure

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Do you think the benefits of using this system are greater than the drawbacks? With the appropriate ERP solution, a company can achieve successful strategic planning, management, and operational control. Siemens plans to implement Click2procure, a procurement platform that connects buyers and suppliers using web-based technology. By using this system, Siemens can reduce operational and administrative costs and improve efficiency.

Click2procure will enhance daily management activities, including demand planning and forecasting, and provide managers with increased access to data for better decision-making. Additionally, by aggregating purchase orders, Siemens can negotiate improved pricing and payment terms with suppliers, reduce inventory, and enhance order fulfillment rates.

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Despite the significant cost of implementing this system, Siemens intends to market Click2procure to other external businesses. This strategy will offset the associated expenses and generate future revenue. As a result, this expansion effort will create new jobs and opportunities for employees in areas of the business that may experience staff cutbacks during the transition.

Employees may reject Click2procure as they adapt to new procedures, potentially leading to job losses as processes improve. There are also concerns about information accessibility and security, as well as the system’s inability to handle customized orders. The success of the new system relies heavily on staff training and employee utilization. It is crucial for Siemens to effectively communicate its business plan and strategy with employees.

Siemens must ensure that its information systems and organizational strategies are in line with its business strategy in order to succeed (Pearlson, et. al. 2010, pg. 23). Failing to implement the new system and sticking with decentralized purchasing would cause Siemens to miss out on the benefits mentioned above, resulting in decreased efficiency and competitiveness over time. It is more difficult for Siemens to regain lost market share than it is to maintain their current position. Therefore, proactive management measures are necessary to protect market share before competition erodes it. Based on this analysis, I believe that Siemens has more to gain than lose from implementing Click2procure. Furthermore, there are viable alternatives available to overcome any drawbacks. As a manager of a Siemens business unit, what can be done to motivate you to adopt and utilize the system?

As the manager of a business unit within Siemens, I would be more likely to use the system if Siemens agrees to involve key members of my unit in the testing and development process. This would ensure that the new system improves or aligns with our current departmental processes and procedures. The department staff is in the best position to determine how to incorporate our current processes into the new system. Additionally, Siemens should prioritize staff training before implementing the system and encourage ongoing training as upgrades are made.

The company should explore methods of involving employees in situations such as layoffs or reduced workload due to the new system. Siemens ought to incorporate a procedure for assisting displaced workers into their plan. Additionally, Siemens should adopt a flexible and upgradeable system capable of managing custom orders and incorporating local suppliers. As a responsible corporate entity, Siemens must prioritize serving the communities it operates in. What strategic advantages do you anticipate your unit achieving through the implementation of this system?

The text explains that business strategy is the result of competition, positioning, and capabilities. It notes that Siemens is positioning itself as an industry leader through the introduction of a program called Click2procure

. Despite the risks involved, Siemens believes it possesses the necessary resources and capability to proceed. Being a pioneer in this field is crucial for companies aspiring to lead their respective industries. To maintain its market position, Siemens implements a cost leadership strategy, continuously working towards providing customers with the most competitive prices.

The strategic advantage of Siemens lies in the efficiency of each unit. My unit would benefit from the system by gaining more information on workflow and processes in different departments, leading to improved efficiency. The success of implementing ERP software depends on its usage by operations staff, middle management, and top management. The more the system is used by staff at all levels of the company hierarchy, the greater competitive advantage the company will gain.

Based on the discussions on the discussion board, I discovered that “Outsourcing” and “Text Messaging” were the most valuable and intriguing topics. Concerning “Outsourcing,” I gained knowledge that despite its numerous benefits, it may not always be suitable for all situations. Businesses should carefully assess whether the advantages outweigh solely saving labor costs.

Outsourcing is advantageous for tasks that involve repetitive work, while functions that involve customer interaction and specialized knowledge are not suitable for outsourcing. It is surprising to learn that popular American brands like Levi’s, Converse, and Craftsman have been outsourced for more than ten years and are no longer manufactured in America.

The article on “Text Messaging” is intriguing and divisive, as it reveals that many individuals are now using work hours to attend to personal matters. This trend poses a challenge for employers who strive to maintain employee focus on company-related tasks during designated work hours. To address this issue, numerous companies have recruited IT professionals who are responsible for monitoring websites accessed on company computers and restricting the use of instant messaging platforms such as Yahoo and Hotmail.

There has been an increase in the implementation of laws regarding the utilization of company equipment. Employers are now specifying the regulations regarding the use of workplace technology in their privacy policy. This announcement notifies employees that any information shared on company equipment may be reviewed by the employer. I support the decision made in this case.


Pearlson, Keri E., Saunders, Carol S. (2010). Managing and Using Information Systems: A Strategic Approach (4th ed.). John Wiley & Sons. Hoboken, NJ.

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