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Simon Flores Biography

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Simon De La Rosa Flores was descended from a household of craftsmans originally from Balayan. Batangas. Uncle Pio De La Rosa taught Simon the basicss of the humanistic disciplines when he was in his teens. Subsequently. he enrolled at the Academia de Dibujo y Pintura. analyzing under Lorenzo Guerrero and Lorenzo Rocha. Flores foremost gained attending in 1871 when the colonial disposal commended him for the portrayal of Amadeo I. which he presented to the state oil Pampanga. During this clip he might already hold made the familiarity of Mons Ignacio Tambungui who introduced him to the affluent households of several towns of Pampanga.

for whom he executed many portrayals and spiritual pictures. Simon married the monsignor’s sister. Simplicia. Flores must hold executed every bit many as 20 portrayals which include the two versions of the Familia Quiason. and the portrayals entitled Miguela Henson. Andrea Dayrit. Quintina Castor de Sadie. Severina Ocampo de Arroyo. Anastasia Sandiko Panlilio. and Lucila Panlilio.

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Simon Flores Biography
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All these are known for the all right miniaturistic particularization of the embellishments of the pina costumes of the Sitters.

their luxuriant jewellery every bit good as the gears in their places. Among Simon’s spiritual pictures are El bautismo de Cristo ( The Baptism of Christ ) . San Roque. Parabola de la mujer arrepentida ( Parable of the Repentant Woman ) . La Inmaculada Concepcion ( The Immaculate Conception ) . and two versions of La Virgen Maria. ( The Virgin Mary ) . inspired by a picture of Carlo Dolci. He decorated the insides of the churches of Bacolor. Betis. Mexico. and Santa Rita towns of Pampanga. He besides did mortuary portrayals. Merely two of his genre pictures are known in being. ” Primeras Letras. ” ( Learning to Read ) . and “Alimentando Pollos” ( Feeding Chickens ) . Simon Flores was the first Filipino oil native blood to earn a award from an international exhibition.

In 1876. he was awarded a Ag decoration at the Philadelphia Universal Exposition for his picture La musica del Pueblo ( The Music of the Town ) . In 1891 he won the highest awards for “Despues de la Ultima Cena ( After the Last Supper ) and” El Prendimiento” ( The Arrest ) in the art competition to mark the tercentennial of San Juan de la Cruz. In 1895 he won a Ag decoration for “La Expulsion” ( The Ejection ) . his entry at the Exposicion Regional de Filipinas. Before his decease. he was able to subject pictures for the Universal Exposition of St Louis. Missouri. USA including a portrayal of Andrew Carnegie.

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