Simon Character Progression in the Lord of Flies

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The character development of Simon in the Lord of the Flies is evident as he transforms from a timid and frail boy to a brave and helpful one. Initially, Simon is depicted as a weak individual who struggles to support his own weight. During the arrival of a new group called the Choir, Simon faints after Ralph blows the conch for the first time. The leader of the Choir, Merridew, comments on Simon’s tendency to faint. In another instance, Simon displays his weakness and fear when he admits to believing in the existence of a beast, saying, “maybe, maybe there is a beast.”

Despite being weak and afraid, Simon possesses a great deal of sensibility and manages to maintain hope. He assures Ralph that he will eventually return to his original location (111). Additionally, Simon astutely observes that the beast resides within each individual—an idea that initially appeared peculiar but proved increasingly accurate as the story progressed, with most of the boys transforming into savage murderers. While the other boys abandon their efforts to construct shelters, Simon remains steadfast in his determination to assist Ralph. Frustrated by the lack of help, Ralph remarks, “all day I’ve been working with Simon.”

“They’re off bathing, or eating, or playing.” Additionally, Simon has become significantly courageous. When Ralph inquires who is willing to inform Piggy that they will not return tonight, Simon fearlessly volunteers, stating “I don’t mind going” (118). Simon potentially becomes the most courageous child on the island as he ventures through it alone during the night. Moreover, he even ascends the mountain by himself to ascertain the reality of the supposed beast. What Simon ultimately discovers, which no one else does, is that the beast is not truly a beast.

As his time on the island goes on, Simon acquires the unfavorable trait of becoming very distorted. On the night of his death, Simon even engages in a conversation with a pig’s skull, which warns him, “fancy thinking the beast… so don’t try it on, my poor misguided boy or else.” With the passing of time on the island, Simon undergoes significant changes in his personality. While some of these changes are positive, such as becoming stronger and braver, others are negative, including his descent into madness and distortion. Simon’s character has undeniably undergone a dramatic transformation.

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