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Simon Character Progression in the Lord of Flies

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In the book Lord of the Flies Simon has changed from being a sensible, skittish, weak boy to a distorted, brave, helpful boy. In the begging of the book Simon is introduced as the weak boy who isn’t strong enough to hold up his own weight. After Ralph blows the conch for the very first time a new group of boys arrives called the Choir this is were Simon faints Merridew the Choir leader says, “he always throwing a faint”, Merridew is talking about Simon.

Another time when Simon comes off being weak and afraid is when he admits to believing in a beast and says, “maybe, maybe there is a beast”.

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Simon Character Progression in the Lord of Flies
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Although Simon is weak and afraid he is very sensible and is able to keep a sense of hope Simon tells Ralph that, “you’ll get back to where you came from”(111). Another sensible thing that Simon said was how the beast is in every one although this seemed weird at the time as the book went on Simons theory became more true almost everyone resorted into being a beast who murdered people.

Simon becomes strong and helpful as the book goes on while the rest of the boys give up building shelters Simon is the only one who stays to help Ralph. After Ralph gets annoyed that no one is helping he says, “all day I’ve been working with Simon.

They’re off bathing, or eating, or playing”. Another attribute that has changed about Simon is that he is now very brave. Jack is brave enough to cross the island by himself when Ralph asks who wants to go tell piggy that they won’t be coming back tonight Simon says, “I don’t mind going”(118). Simon arguably becomes the bravest kid on the island he goes through the island at night by himself, but that isn’t it he even goes up the mountain by himself to find out if the beast is real what Simon figures out what no one else ever does is that the beast isn’t actually a beast.

One of the bad traits that Simon a quires as his time on the island goes on is that he becomes very distorted. The night that he dies Simon actually has a conversation with a pigs skull it say‘s, “fancy thinking the beast…so don’t try it on, my poor misguided boy or else. ” As time on the island grew longer and longer Simon became more of a different person some traits were better such as being stronger and braver, but some changes of Simon were negative such as him becoming crazy and distorted. Simon character none the less has changed dramatically.

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