Death Be Not Proud: Simon Birch to The Scarlet Ibis Comparison

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It is said that a individual can carry through anything if they put their head to it. Worlds have walked on the Moon. swam the English Channel. and overcome disablements to withstand nature itself. In the movie Simon Birch and the short narrative “The Scarlet Ibis” . two boys work to force past their disablements that limit their life styles to the point of eventual decease. Both Simon Birch and Doodle ( “The Scarlet Ibis” ) prove that strength does non needfully hold to come from the healthiest of worlds. but that the thoughts of tolerance for all should be a cosmopolitan pattern.

Through their similarities and differences. these improbable characters teach the reader about might and credence of those with disablements. Doodle and Simon Birch are boys born with disabilities that could easy hold limited their life style. Doodle’s developmental hold and Simon’s little stature cause both characters to trust on those around them for support and aid. Fortunately. the kindness of Joe Wentworth towards Simon Birch and the consistent attendings of Doodle’s brother. let both disabled male childs to populate lives greater than most of the universe could conceive of.

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Swiming. larning to walk. and packaging were a few things that Doodle learned from his persistent brother. Likewise. Simon enjoyed swimming with his friend Joe. and besides playing baseball. which was some thing others did non believe he could make. Not merely did both characters push themselves with the aid of their support systems. they besides viewed the universe about them as a beautiful topographic point. in which they could larn to withstand the restrictions of their human organic structures. The physicians ne’er believed that Simon would amount to anything and he became a disabled hero by salvaging a coach full of childs.

Doctors said Doodle would ne’er walk and through hurting. defeat. and ne’er giving up. he was able to larn to walk by his 6th birthday. The similarities between these characters are eldritch. but one thing that is continuously apparent is that their disablements did non disable them. While these two male childs have many character traits in common. their differences are most apparent in the manner they were treated by those around them. Shame and embarrassment in holding a disabled brother is what motivates Doodle’s brother to learn Doodle to walk.

In contrast. Simon Birch’s best friend. Joe. ne’er treats Simon as disabled and volitionally brings him everyplace he goes. However. Simon’s household and many people around him do non see Simon as a miracle. but instead fear his “differences” as they do non understand him. He is ignored. impolitely made merriment of by others his age. and even told by a priest that God doesn’t have a program for him. Doodle’s state of affairs is wholly different as his household is really supportive. lovingness. and fostering. even if pride is the cause in the instance of his brother.

Pride besides leads to another contrast between these characters in their inevitable deceases. While Simon Birch dies a exultant hero’s decease. a defeated brother leaves Doodle behind when he can no longer maintain up. Despite Doodle’s warnings. his brother continues on without him merely to return to happen Doodle shed blooding from the oral cavity and eventually overcome by his disabled restrictions. The early deceases of these two male childs are yet different as one dies due to love and other out of embarrassment. The of import message of tolerance for all differences can be seen in the similitudes and unsimilarities of Doodle and Simon Birch.

Both demonstrate an interior strength. greatly due to their support systems. uninhibited by size or development that makes them mighty. Both besides show a love for others that causes them to give their ain lives. Each of their forfeits paints a image of how the universe treated them otherwise and how one rose to a hero’s challenge and the other died in miserably being pushed beyond his bounds. The greatest lessons are sometimes found in the most improbable topographic points. Anyone can be a hero. but possibly being a hero is more about looking beyond the surface and most significantly. go forthing pride behind.

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