A Letter from Simon (Lord of the Flies) Analysis

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The protagonist of the story is stranded on an island with other schoolboys. They are all afraid of the beast, but the protagonist believes that they are the monsters. He thinks that some of the boys are losing touch with reality and are being swept away by fear. Jack, in particular, spreads fear and darkness. The protagonist believes that people like Ralph and Piggy, who face down fear, should be rewarded. He thinks that spreading fear should not be allowed, and that the world is going to ruin because people are too focused on survival. The protagonist believes that something bad needs to happen for things to get better, and hopes that Ralph will spread the word about the terrible weapon that words can be. The story ends with the boys chanting and the protagonist fearing that something real bad might happen.

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We are the beasts. We, a group of schoolboys who crashed on this island, have been stranded here for an unknown amount of time. The fear of the beast has consumed all of us, causing our humanity to fade away. It is ourselves that we have been running from. We are like the sole Frankenstein existence on this island. I am uncertain about why I am writing this; maybe I feel the urge to inform someone, even if it’s just the ocean. Despite others thinking I am insane, they refuse to listen to me. However, I assure you that I am not crazy.

Sometimes reality can feel elusive. It seems that some of the other boys also struggle to stay grounded in reality. However, for them, it’s more like a powerful wave that carries them away from shore and civilization. Out of all of us, Jack is the most savage because he instills fear in others. When Jack speaks, he personifies the darkness. I believe it’s unacceptable for him to spread fear, not just on the island, but anywhere.

Consider the possibility of rewarding individuals such as Ralph and Piggy who demonstrate bravery in the face of fear. However, it is imperative that our actions extend beyond mere rewards. Our planet is deteriorating, and we bear the responsibility for its destruction. Our unwavering dedication to self-preservation ultimately leads to our own downfall. While this behavior may be acceptable in times of safety, it becomes problematic during moments of peril. Effectively conveying the adverse effects of instilling fear in others is crucial. Conducting tests to identify individuals with qualities akin to Jack or resembling Ralph could offer a potential resolution.

But what the world truly needs is a case study. Something unfortunate needs to occur for improvements to be made. I am confident that Ralph will recover from this ordeal. He will educate others about the destructive nature of fear and the power of words. The boys’ chants echo in my ears, surpassing even the sound of thunder. They are filled with intense emotions, harboring the beast within them. I fear that a truly catastrophic event is on the horizon, one that will forever haunt a person. This letter will be my sole communication on this matter.

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