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A Letter from Simon (Lord of the Flies)

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We are the beasts. I’ve been on this island-stranded- for I don’t know how long. I crashed here, on a plane with the other schoolboys, and since then we’ve been stranded. Everyone’s afraid of the beast. We’re losing our humanity, and the beast we’ve been running from? It’s us. We are the only Frankenstein on this island. I dunno why I’m writing this, I guess I just figure I ought to let someone know, even if it’s just the ocean.

The others wouldn’t listen, they think I’m loony. I’m not.

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A Letter from Simon (Lord of the Flies)
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It’s just, sometimes reality gets kinda’ I dunno, slippery. I think some of the other boys lose touch with reality as well. Only for them it isn’t slippery, for them it’s a wave and it’s sweeping them along until they lose sight of shore and civilization. Jack is the worst beast out of all of us, because he spreads the fear.

When jack speaks, he gives the darkness faces. I don’t think what he does, spreading fear that is, should be allowed. I don’t just mean on the island. I don’t think people should be allowed to spread fear anywhere.

Maybe, we could give rewards. People like Ralph and piggy, people who face down the fear, they should be rewarded. But we need to do even more than that. The world is going to ruin, and we are the beasts destroying it. We are so focused on our own survival that we are destroying ourselves. When we’re safe it’s okay, but when we’re not. I guess, we just gotta get it into peoples heads that spreading fear is bad. Maybe if we tested people, to see who’d be like jack, and who’d be like ralph.

But what the world really needs is an example. Something bad needs to happen, so things can get better. Ralph’ll be okay, I know he will. He’ll spread the word, and people will know, how bad a thing fear is, how terrible a weapon words truly are. I can hear the boys chanting, their screams reach beyond even the thunder. They’re all worked up, the beast firmly rooted within them. I think something real bad might happen. The kind of thing that never leaves a person. This is gonna be my only letter.

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