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Sky Scraper Poem Analysis

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What exactly identifies a poem? How can we classify a song as a poem and another not? There is debate over how a poem should be defined, but there is absolutely no doubt about its ability to set a mood. In general, poetry is art by means of words, an arrangement of words containing meaning and musicality. A poem is identifiable by its literary and musical elements such as its poetic devices. Another characteristic of a poem is its ability to say much in few words with the use of symbolism.

Most poems are a series of lines separated into groups called stanzas. However, a poem can be rhyming or non-rhyming; it can contain full sentences or just fragments. The song “Sky Scraper” performed by Demi Lovato is an influential song that speaks of staying strong and believing in yourself. A skyscraper is a tall building which needs to be strong in order to endure; therefore the unique name of this song is used as a metaphor for rising above struggles and obstacles in life and succeeding despite heartbreak and turmoil.

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Sky Scraper Poem Analysis
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The song “sky Scraper” can also be classified as a poem due to the many poetic devices it has, such as Imagery, symbolism and Anaphora. The songwriter is successfully able to set a mood and portray a great deal of meaning by effectively using the poetic devices which cause the readers to relate and connect with the song. The first point which supports classifying “Sky Scraper” as a poem, states the great use of imagery in the lyrics. Imagery in poetry is what the words of the poem make the reader ‘see’ in their imagination. Using imagery, colors, sounds, and sometimes

feelings are evoked by the poem. As an example, “Skies are crying, I am watching. Catching teardrops in my hands”, creates a visual image in the reader’s head of someone standing in the rain, arms wide open, trying to catch the rain drops with her hand. Also, “You can break everything I am, like I’m made of glass” again creates a visual image of a person made up of glass being shattered into pieces. Moreover, “I will be rising from the ground”, creates an image of a person standing up and growing with courage and hope. Other examples such as, “As the smoke clears”, “All my windows, still are broken”, “watch me while I bleed” and “I am closer to the clouds up here”, all create images, senses and feelings in the reader’s mind. By imagining some of the objects, situations and feelings in the lyrics, reader will be able to relate and make connections with the poem. The skilled songwriter of “Sky Scraper” is able to paint images in the reader’s mind by effectively using words, nouns and adjectives. Secondly, the songwriter has used symbols to create more depth and meaning in the poem. Symbolism is the use of symbols to create references to things that represent ideas, objects, situations and feelings; in other words, a symbol is something itself that suggests something deeper. As an example, “Skies are crying”, is a simple three words sentence which suggests a deeper meaning. The songwriter uses crying as a reference to represent rain; also the word “crying” helps to set a sad mood at the beginning of the poem and creates an effect. In addition, “to watch me while I bleed”, “bleed” is also a symbol which is representing suffering, weakness and being wounded. Moreover, “All my windows, still are broken”, is a symbol used to represent her dreams and hopes being shattered; and “But I am closer to the clouds up here”, is representing and symbolizing her victory and ability to stay strong. This sentence is also setting a mood in

the poem; an encouraging mood that creates a positive effect in the readers. Overall, the skies are not actually crying, and she’s not actually bleeding; “Crying”, “bleeding” and “being closer to the clouds” are all symbols that the song writer uses to represent and create a deeper meaning and effect. Lastly, Anaphora is another poetic element which is greatly used in “sky Scraper” poem. In poetry, Anaphora means the repetition of a word or phrase at the beginning of successive clauses. Not only can anaphora create a driving rhythm by the repetition of the same sound, it can also intensify and exaggerate the emotion of the poem, also create emphasis on a particular phrase or word. Examples from the poem include, “You can take everything I have. You can break everything I am. Like I’m made of glass. Like I’m made of paper.” and “Like a skyscraper! Like a skyscraper!”. All of these examples suggest emphasis through the use of Anaphora; which is also used to build a theme in the poem. Specially, the songwriter repeats “Like a sky scraper” twice in order to have a greater impact. Anaphora is also used to highlight the importance of the word “Sky Scraper” and the meaning it is suggesting, staying strong and rising above struggles and obstacles in life. In conclusion, it is evident from the points stated above that the song “sky Scraper” can be classified as a poem due to the many poetic devices it has, such as Imagery, symbolism and Anaphora. Just like any other poem, “sky Scraper” creates a particular mood and portrays a great deal of meaning which helps the readers to relate and connect with the song. At the beginning, the song has a sad and hopeless mood; however, suddenly the mood changes from hopeless to encouraging. The chorus of this song creates a strong emotional connection with the readers because it is trying to say

that they should never let negative attention or bullying break them down; instead they should use these in order to become stronger individuals. As the songwriter suggests, “Go on and try to tear me down, I will be rising from the ground, like a sky scraper.”

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