Sleeping Beauty

At the young age of 16 lies lovely Sleeping Beauty who fell into a deep sleep with one touch of a spindle on a spinning wheel. When she was born, her parents, the King and Queen threw a celebration for the birth of their daughter; inviting all the townspeople and fairies. Each fairy gave Sleeping Beauty the gift of cleverness, beauty, and musical talent. A wicked fairy who was not invited to the celebration planted revenge by giving a curse to baby Aurora that once she turns 16, she will prick her finger on a spindle of a spinning wheel and die an instant death. The last fairy tried to reverse the curse by proclaiming the princess to fall into deep sleep and will be awakened by the kiss of her true love. Sleeping Beauty fits perfectly into the archetype of a Damsel in Distress because she is loyal, pure, in a supernatural predicament, needs to be rescued, and also finds love at the end of the story.

Sleeping Beauty shows the traits of loyalty and purity because she is an innocent young girl who is blocked from the outside world. She doesn’t know about her curse when she turns 16. She innocently asked the old woman on the top floor what she was doing and asked if she can help. Not knowing that the old lady was the wicked fairy.

The fairies in the story are supernatural elements and throws Sleeping Beauty into an abnormal predicament. The good fairies try to help Aurora by guarding her from all what they think is evil while using their powers to keep her safe and to guide her. Unlike the wicked fairy that uses her magic for bad and curses the young girl to touch a spindle of a spinning wheel to die at age 16.

Once Sleeping Beauty fell into her deep sleep, all she needed was to be awakened by the kiss of her true love. When her prince came to save her, he had to slay a dragon which was caused by the wicked fairy. Who obviously didn’t want Aurora to be awakened. By the time, the prince came to the sleeping beauty.

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