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Smartest Cartoon Character Essay

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Patrick Star Have you ever wondered what it is like to be as smart as Patrick Star? If you have, I don’t blame you. Patrick helps the sad, which makes the happy, happier. He cheered up Spongebob when he thought he was ugly. Also, when Squidward was happy about starting a band, Patrick joined so Squidward could start it. Patrick Star is smart, helpful, and a role model for kids. Patrick Star is very smart he helped Spongebob when he kept shrinking people with a belt.

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Smartest Cartoon Character
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He told Spongebob to turn the belt upside down, so it would make people grow. Even though this did not work, at least he had an idea. Then, when Patrick fell off a cliff he became a lot smarter. He was so smart that he corrected Sandy the Squirrel’s work, and she is a scientist. Then, when he didn’t want to be smart anymore he found out how to be normal again.

He realized that he needed to jump off the cliff again, and it worked. This again proves that he is very smart.

Patrick is helpful to others when they are sad. For example, when Squidward is home all alone, Patrick invites him to go camping so he is not alone. He also sings a campfire song to make everything more cheerful. Then, when a seabear attacks, he told Squidward how to avoid it. Also, when Squidward said he was claustrophobic, Spongebob told Patrick that meant he was scared of Santa Clause, so Patrick turned to Squidward and said “Ho, Ho, Ho” to help him get over his fear.

This made Squidward not scared anymore (even though that’s not what claustrophobic actually means) and shows that Patrick is very helpful. Patrick is a great role model for kids. When Spongebob erased the “Pat” off of Patrick’s name tag, he got mad and yelled “My name’s not Rick! ”. This teaches kids to love the name their parents gave them. Also, when he works at the Krusty Krab and the phone rings, he answers it. Even though the person asks if it was the Krusty Krab, he was asked the same question three times, and every time he just says “No this is Patrick”.

This teaches kids how to answer the phone correctly. Because Patrick Star is all these things, he is the obvious choice for smartest cartoon character. Patrick is a genius, he cheers up others, and he is a great role model. To finish, I am going to end with a quote from Patrick. Patrick says this when Spongebob is feeling sad because he thinks that he is ugly. “I’m going to tell you a story it’s called The Ugly Barnacle. There once was an ugly barnacle, he was so ugly that everyone died. The End”.

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