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The cartoon Globalization Invading Markets published in 2005 depicts a coastline invaded by Americans, represented by Walt Disney characters, using their multinational companies to spread their influence across the world. The cartoonist suggests that America is invading the world with its consumer goods, dominating financially and economically, and spreading its culture without regard for the reactions of others. The cartoon emphasizes that America’s wars are mainly fought by its multinational companies and international markets, rather than with traditional artillery and soldiers. While the cartoonist’s argument is valid, it is also important to note that other industrialized first-world countries also engage in similar practices. The spread of American culture has indeed had a significant influence across the world, but its success cannot be solely attributed to force.

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The given cartoon “Globalization Invading Markets” was published In 2005. It displays a coastline, Including the sea and a beach, with people holding up their hands and running away. Moreover there are battleships, firing artillery onto the land and carrier boats are transporting further people ashore. Also fighter aircrafts, dropping more artillery onto the land are shown. The people, who go ashore, are figures from Walt Disney’s comic world, including lots of Goofy, Degrader Duck and a smiling Mackey Mouse.

The Goofy and Mackey Mouse are holding guns in their hands. Starting with the interpretation, Degrader represents the commander of an army, as Mackey Mouse and the Goofy represent soldiers, all standing for the U. S. Army. Following the orders of the commander the soldiers are driving away the couple of human beings, respectively natives of the area, who are surrendering. The area Is picturing a Third World country, perhaps a tropical Island. The invaders are Americans, because their uniforms, the aircrafts and the warships hold trademarks f big American companies, for instance Nikkei, Texaco, McDonald’s and Motorola.

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In the background a group of Goofy soldiers are setting up a Microsoft flag. A scene reminiscent of the famous photograph of a group of soldiers at IOW Jim. (Battle of IOW Jim, 1945. US fighting for + capturing island of Awesome, Japanese Empire. Some of bloodiest fighting in Pacific War took place). Instead of regular artillery and ammunition, shooting takes place with Coke cans and TV’s. This signifies that the U. S. Economy is spreading a massive influence across the world, even to remote Islands.

It looks more harmless than an attack with real armory, but the fact that there is a dead man lying on the ground emphasizes Americans being ruthless and aggressive. The meaning of the cartoon indicates a modern invasion, which does not have to be fought with artillery, soldiers, tanks and battleships. The wars, America is involved in today are mainly fought by its multinational companies and its battlefields are international markets. Furthermore, America invades the world with its culture and lifestyle, without really watching out or caring about the reactions of others to the invasion.

Terrified faces of the natives do not stop Goofy, as a soldier, from carrying out Desserts commands. I agree with the cartoonist that the U. S. Has flooded the world with its consumer goods, and trying to dominate over every other country financially and economically, but there are also other Industrialized first world countries that do so. It Is also true that the culture, spread by America has had a big Influence across the world, occasionally wiping out other traditional cultures, but the inhabitants must have success cannot only be explained by them, using force.

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