The Issue of Cheating Among Students

As a student in middle school throughout college, we are all challenged to do our best to surpass our goalt Now, cheating became an effect to education. Students may think that cheating is an okay thing to do because teachers won’t noticed. The inquiry of this situation is, is cheating effecting students’ education, is cheating to pass or cheating to get ahead? Cheating usually begins in middle school, Kids starts to cheat in middle school because as homework involves more researches and test increases, students learned how to have shortcuts. Students usually cheat in classes like science, technology, and math courses Students gets pressured by out of control grades and it affected kids’ attitudes toward cheating.

Students mostly distinguish that cheating is not right, though they still commit to do it “They cheat on tests, homework, assignment, and when writing reports. In some cases, though, students simply don’t grasp that some dishonest acts are cheating.” said a study researcher, Kenneth Kiewra, a professional of educational psychology at the University of Nebraska» Lincoln. As the detail in the edition of the Journal Mid-Western Educational Researcher, Kiewra and his colleagues found students knew an act was cheating, but they did it anyways, Among the result are: 89 percent said glancing at someone else’s answer during a test was cheating, but 87 percent admitted doing it at least once. 94 percent said sharing answer with a classmate during a test was cheating, but 74 percent admitted to do it. Over the last 60 years, students admitting to cheating has increased significantly.

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Only 20 percent college students admitted to cheat back in the 1940 As for today, 20 percent has increased to a range of 75 percent to 98 percent. From grades six to twelve, both test cheating and plagiarism increased. During these transitions, teachers focus more on student’s performance and getting a better grade. In 19905 and early 20005, rates attended to increased the colleges dishonesty in higher education than in highschool. Cheating is out of control as students think that cheating is acceptable, but cheating is an issue to a higher rates to effect education. Usually, cheating starts during junior high and follow throughout high school years to colleges. The percentage of cheating is increasing as education level is decreasing, Students need to stop cheating, as in a fact, start learning to do their own tasks. Students cheat because it isn’tjust to pass but they’re cheating to get ahead instead.

Another consequence of cheating is that it can damage relationships. When students cheat, they are breaking the trust of their teachers, peers, and family members. This can have long-lasting effects on their relationships and can damage their reputation. To combat the issue of cheating among students, it is important for educational institutions to promote a culture of integrity and honesty. This can involve implementing clear guidelines and consequences for cheating, providing resources and support for academic success, and promoting the value of learning for its own sake. In conclusion, cheating among students is a serious issue that can have negative consequences on individuals and society. By promoting a culture of integrity and honesty, we can help prevent cheating and encourage students to learn and achieve their goals honestly and ethically.

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