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At first. I’m non that much interested on this topic. but I can’t aid but listen because Its an award to hold the one of the most well-thought-of instructors in this university. she is Dr. Teresita Lupato. she has been my instructor in psychological science when I was on my freshers twelvemonth and that larning I had with Dr. Lupato was so a great pursuit. So the exhilaration rather boosted my involvement in larning what they so called “Sociology” These twosome of things is what I realized while analyzing sociology “Sociology gives us an apprehension of the universe we live in”

By analyzing sociology. you will to the full understand why things are go oning. For illustration in our society. “Why there are rich? Why there are hapless? ” “Why there are racial favoritisms? ” by understanding the societal forms of our community you will come to realization why this events or phenomena are go oning.

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“I’ve learned where my thoughts came from. why one react certain ways to state of affairss. ”In theoretical manner. I’ve learned the procedure why people do things they are making or they have done. This besides helped me recognize what are the advantages and disadvantages in the context which I act in. and why I adapt some norms or why I reject some. I besides learn non to take everything I see and hear for granted. You learn to face and interpret people non with my ain emotional judgement. but with an nonsubjective. sensible position.

“Studying Relationships”When analyzing relationships I discovered how to decide struggles with a important other by non utilizing the “you” phrase because it feels like more of an onslaught than an account. Already I have used that in my life with all different types of struggles that I have with any type of relationship. I know how to utilize the three phases that every long term relationship has totravel through in order to keep a relationship in the hereafter. “Sociology Teachs you and challenges you to interrupt myths people cleaving on to” I eventually found some replies on what it seems to be a myth or a enigma. For illustration the aberrances or on the subject on genders. That there are many factors that affects people on what they are today. Those inquiries I have earlier have eventually been answered. “Culture”

Culture is what we identify ourselves by such as. by the manner we act. frock. and what we believe in. Culture is defined as. ” a complex aggregation of values. beliefs. behaviours. and material objects shared by a group passed on from one coevals to the next” . Culture is inherited. we as worlds adapt to our milieus in which we are taught to reject anything that poses a menace by being “different” from one civilization to the following. This is why there are many countercultures that have evolved and separated from the dominant civilization in certain countries who’s civilizations are non considered to be the ”norm” . “Nothing is as it seems”

A sociological construct that ever requires you to see the bigger image. This construct can ever let person to re-evaluate themselves psychologically. emotionally. and socially. “Understanding Others”

By understanding others. you learn true things about yourself that you may hold ne’er been witting of. You realize the magnitude and release in being honest with yourself about what you feel. like/dislike. and think.

“Understanding People”In larning about why people do certain things or have that certain sort responses. you learn to forgive people and see them. non as good. immorality. stupid. unqualified people. but human existences moving harmonizing to their ain thoughts and upbringing. Just like a gender confused individual. or a emotionally disturbed individual. In sociology I learned to understand them and non to judge them rapidly. Because sometimes is non their mistake.

And the last 1 that I want to indicate out on what I have learned in Sociology. . “What you learn in sociology gives you an chance to learnto others so that they can understand and better their ain lives. “

This is the most of import thing I realized when I am analyzing sociology. Just what the sociologist have done. sharing their cognition about our society and how we will go a better individual. society wise. we must portion our cognition and use things that we’ve learned in this topic in order to go a good illustration to people. In using this theories and lessons it is adequate to Make A DIFFERENCE. That is why I would wish to thank the sociologist and instructors who have shared their cognition in order to better world. Particularly to Dr. Teresita A. Lupato for taking the chance. for the forbearance. dedication and attempt on learning us to Make A DIFFERENCE.

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